In the Immortal Words of Jean-Luc Picard…

What the WTF?

  • bob

    Easy. In a world where you can define your gender (with a straight or gay face), it’s just as easy to call yourself Catholic if you want. Or to shut down a conversation by piously using the word “sacred”. Excommunication is an act of charity to prevent a person from harm by receiving sacraments that could hurt them in their present state. Her bishop needs to exercise some pastoral care.

  • Dmikem

    I agree with Bob…in fact I dropped a respectful note to her bishop asking him why this very public figure to proclaims on the one hand to be a respectful and practicing Catholic and diametrically oppose Church teaching on abortion and other issues. What does it take for the Church to issue a public rebuke and publicly excommunicate her. At least it would solidly proclaim Catholic teaching.
    In my opinion our bishops through their give the impression that it’s OK to be pro-abortion etc.

    • mephis

      As far as I’ve understood, the Church generally does not like to publicly point the spotlight at people and shame them for all to see. I think that’s very good, since public shaming of specific persons is a very unchristian and creepy thing (often done in cults) that harms much more than helps. Bad actions, not persons, should be pointed at and condemned.

      I hope she’s been reached out to by her bishop/priest and they’re trying to take care of this privately. In the meanwhile, I think we should be praying for her conversion.

      And honestly, the abortion issue has been discussed *so much* that if some catholics don’t realise the Church is against it by now, I doubt they ever will.

      • Dmikem

        Nancy Pelosi has already received a private rebuke from her bishop. Well private considering it was not in the press but is available on-line. It is time for the Church to take stronger action against a person who publicly claims to be a practicing, ardent, faithful Catholic who supports abortion, homosexual marriage…..and on and on.

        How many people are led into error by Nancy Pelosi and how many souls might be saved by publicly calling her out? Be aware that the majority of Catholic support some level of abortion, SSM etc. precisely because of people like Pelosi who make it seem in-line with Catholic teaching.

        Sorry, but she should be publicly shamed.

  • Stu

    Laity to Bishops…come in Bishops…
    Laity to Bishops…come in Bishops…

  • Rebecca Fuentes
  • Anon

    Hey, that’s my meme!

    There are days I think that Pelosi either buys her freedom with lavish donations to Catholic charities or has incriminating photos of every member of the American hierarchy.

  • Kristen inDallas

    you said “What the WT…” :))

  • SandyRavage

    Seeing as Picard is an atheist and that abortion is considered an inalienable right in the Federation, you’ve picked a really weird meme to use here.