Yes there really are people who still believe that the Earth is flat.

Smarty pants scientists have never explained how, if the so-called “round earth” theory is true, people don’t fall off the other side!


  • http://www.likelierthings.com/ Jon W

    Oy vey. Meanwhile, I, a humble physics teacher, have absolutely no problem laying out to a junior high class the evidence for the roundness of the world, yet though I am an ardent evolutionist who has been entirely convinced by all the evidence – scientific, philosophical, theological – that evolution is a legitimate theory of human origins, would have a hard time laying out that evidence in a way that would convince someone not already disposed to bow down at the altar of Science.

    • kenofken

      There is no way to convince hardcore creationists of evolution because they have invested the credibility of their religion on the rejection of evolution and of any evidence which supports it. Marshaling evidence for them, while a good exercise for any scientist, is lost labor.

      • Rosemarie


        Yeah, it’s practically dogma to Evangelical creationists that evolution is a challenge to the authority of the Bible, dreamed up by Satan and foisted upon the world by atheistic scientists, in an attempt to destroy Christianity. Thus it is utterly incompatible with Christianity; one cannot, they claim, believe both the Bible and evolution.

        So if you could manage to convince them that evolution is true they would “logically” have to conclude that the Bible is bunk (which is sadly what some of their children do when they get to college). Thus the strong resistance. Their hyper-literal interpretation of Genesis 1 does not allow them to consider other more open interpretations.

        • TheodoreSeeber

          What always gets me is that such people rarely know more than the 30 most popular verses by the Televangelists.

        • http://www.likelierthings.com/ Jon W

          This is very, very true, but it’s not a hopeless case. And it’s a lot more fun than trying to argue moral social issues because the stakes aren’t so high.

      • chezami

        David Berlinski is an atheist. It’s not always driven by religion. And atheists often use evolution as a fig leaf for proselytizing for atheist materialism.

      • http://www.likelierthings.com/ Jon W

        There actually is a way, and I’m attempting it. I quietly and consistently and quixotically advocate for evolution while living virtuously among them (trying to, anyway) and demonstrating that I am in no way a foaming-at-the-mouth atheist. Rather than abuse them as hopeless rubes, I recognize the truths they recognize (e.g. that God is creator, that the Bible is true, that the summum bonum of human existence is not “whatever gets you through the night”, etc, etc, etc), and I make the arguments for evolution whenever it comes up. I’ve had a fair, though limited, amount of success. The goal really is to enable them to see that there is not a necessary contradiction between being an evolutionist and being a Christian. </own horn>

        • Rosemarie


          Sounds like it could work for at least some of them. Some old-earth creationists have actually accused young-earth creationism (YEC) of being a cult, or at least cult-like in its thinking:

          Is Young Earth Creationism a Cult?

          Yet I’m sure there are some more casual believers in YEC who could be swayed by patience and a good example.

  • Newp Ort

    This is so stupid, they don’t fall off the other side. Can’t even get there cause you just fall off into the void when you get to the edge, everybody knows that!

    • http://www.likelierthings.com/ Jon W

      Actually, there’s a space warp, and when you get to the edge you instantly go round to the other side, Pac-Man style. So it looks like it’s round, even though you are, actually, stepping off the edge.

      • Newp Ort


        Trust not in PAC-MAN, but in the PAC-LORD.

        Don’t trust the Pac-12 either. The NCAA is corrupt as hell.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    I think that would really mess with the seasons. Obviously, the shape of the earth is causing global warming. Get the bulldozers out and start reshaping.