Tin Cup Rattle, Day 4

Honest.  I wouldn’t ask if we weren’t extremely tight financially.  And when I’m not scribbling here, I’ve been editing five books, ghost-writing a couple more, and cranking out work for various mags, newspapers and periodicals.  Please consider helping an emphatically lower middle class writer keep his smart alec kids in tennis shoes and burritos.

(Funny story:  I’m on Skype with an editor yesterday (speakerphone), trying to make the case for why he should give poor lower middle class me a raise and pointing out that our large livestock galoot teenagers keep demanding food *every day*.  So Pete helpfully shouts from the kitchen, “Dad!  We’re out of caviar again!”)

Summer’s a dry time and we live on a financial knife edge as it is.  Please, if you value what you get here (and elsewhere) from my pen, help us us out.

If you want to buy some of my books and/or AV materials, you can get them here.  If you want me to come speak for you, as I have done for folks from England to Australia about everything from faith-related from soup to nuts, you can get the info on how to get me here.  And if you think of it, please pray for us Sheas, particularly that we can grow in faith, hope, and love and that our material needs will be covered so we can be about our Father’s business. Thanks! You guys amaze me. I’m grateful for you.

  • Dan F.

    Hey Mark, where can I get my hands on that Mary trilogy you’ve been talking about (or pre-order?)

    • chezami

      It will be out this fall. Don’t know the price yet. When I do, I will put up a pre-order notice.

      • Dan F.


  • Brian

    Mark we met way back on Catholic convert board, we went down different roads and I dont agree with much of your theology. But you were kind to me on that board even when we disagreed other then one political spout but I was sort of an frustrating person to talk to. I have grown since those times back in the 90′s. Other then the love I have for my students and them for me I have few absolutes, but I really appreciated your works on Mary she seems to be a calming effect on my often troubled soul because I gravitate to the healing arms of a mother. I gave what I could, actually if I could give you a million bucks just to upset the apple cart of my protestant “brothers / sisters” and actually create a real dialog outside of the debate me crowd and involve the actual human beings each of us are. I know I have posted several prayers at Fatima and Lourdes, not to hedge my bets, but because I want to be healed and be a servant of the most high.

    My time on Catholic convert board was challenging and I was an open wound which made it hard to talk. I pulled my entire dump truck of pain and tried to dump it on Steve’s lawn, but I came away with a grace, I went to mass and there I was able to enter into the story instead of just listening to the story. This gave a new meaning to the kneeling, standing, recitations, and liturgy. I will admit I played all the emotional cards I had in my deck but I was just looking for a home at the time, still am at times. At times I could not stand you, screamed at you, almost threw my ipad across the room (and that would be sacrilege :) that is a bit of sarcasm, but I remembered my humanity which was given by His grace, and I remembered that I am to love my neighbor as myself, even though I could not stand my neighbor. In other words I grew up and tried to stop feeling sorry for myself and any wrongs I may suffer, I actually started to believe, love keeps no records of wrongs suffered.

    I would make a lousy catholic but an even worse atheist so I just wanted to say thank you, you raised a family, raised loving children and just did good. I call that grace, and always have. To this community, pray for me that I might know the peace of Christ.

    • chezami

      God bless you,sir! May God continue to work in our busted lives and bring us both to meet merrily in heaven through Christ our Lord. Amen!