I’ll be on Teresa Tomeo’s show in a few minutes…

…to talk about By What Authority?–the Revised and Expanded EditionYou can stream it here by clicking on the “Listen live” button on the upper right hand corner.

Update:  Seems to have gone well.  I always have a hard time telling.

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  • Dave G.

    I’m listening right now. A very good job.

  • moseynon

    Hmm… your voice doesn’t sound like I expected.

    I only caught the last minute, so can’t assess how it went. It would have been nice if you had been given more time, however having the lead piece must be a prime spot.

  • Stu

    How about a frame of reference whenever you say something like “in a few minutes”? 🙂

    • chezami

      There’s a time stamp on the blog. best I could do.

      • Jason Hall

        I don’t see a time stamp. Maybe it’s not visible to readers?

        • Stu

          Nor do I. Date stamp, but no time stamp.

        • Martial Artist

          If you hover the mouse over the “date stamp” a full date/time stamp will appear. However, I’m not perfectly clear on how to interpret it. On this particular article, it reads as follows -†:
          Which probably translates to something like the following
          6:03:53 = 6:03 and 53 seconds (?12 or 24 hr clock?)
          +00:00 = time zone reference (which is probably UTC/GMT)
          If, and only if, I knew the local time for Mark when he posted it, and his time zone (which latter I do), then I could be more certain of my decoding of the time stamp. If Mark posted this at 9:03:53 PDT, that would agree with a GMT time stamp of 6:03pm GMT. If the server is not on GMT/UTC, the use of 6:03 is a bit peculiar as GMT is normally expressed on a 24-hour clock. And, there is also the possibility that the server clock (the source of the time stamp) is not specifying GMT.

          Pax et bonum,
          Keith Töpfer
          † – The actual full timestamp is preceded by the date in the format YYYY-MM-DD

          • Stu

            Good find.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    I assume it’s archived. I’ll listen this afternoon.

  • BetsyRheaume

    Here’s a link to the audio archives for those who would like to hear it. http://avemariaradio.net/audio_archive/catholic-connection-september-18-2013-hour-2/