In world where only a brave band of Combox Reactionaries…

…stands between a terrifying heretic Pope and the Pure Catholic Faith THIS COULD BE OUR FUTURE!!!!

I loves me some Jason Bach.

HT: Lizzie Scalia

  • Jon W

    The best part of that comic is the last panel. Love it.

    • Clare Krishan

      Chuckle (irony of ironies, the pun pivots on the POV, not of Pope Francis, but that of our emeritus Pope the one they rashly consider never put a foot wrong. But today coming here after just reading the BBC’s coverage of the Lampedusa tragedy – where 300 or more desperate souls died, drowning drinking gallons of that same Mediterranean water – it doesn’t sound so funny on re-reading… sorry for the dampener, Pope Francis did well to keep things kinda solemn yesterday all things considered – his remarks seem to be have been inspired by the very real existential misery of such migrants who feel compelled to risk all to seek the kind of life we take for granted…

      So as not to end on a downer, hope springs eternal, by way of inspiring image/icon of true charity at work in the backwards lands of tribal Islam: here’s a video that reminds me of Christmas cards of Mary and Joseph on that Holy Night in Bethlehem ..