Attention, Low Information Voters! You Can Help!

I admit to having a slight addiction.. but I can quit anytime. No, really!! I CAN, I tell ya!!

If you believe in ending this scourge, click on the “Donate” button my right rail and give as much as you possibly can right now!

  • TheRealAaron

    I’ve been doing my part by throwing garbage directly into our local source of DHMO. If it’s too polluted to consume, we can end the dependency once and for all!

  • Thinkling

    The DHMO problem is bigger than anyone realizes. I got a urine test the other day and it was literally dripping with DHMO, dampening my plans quite a bit. As usual, the MSM is drowning this story underneath a wave of puff pieces by folks clearly wet behind the ears. I am hoping for a sea change, but right now I am really steamed.

    • Roki

      You’d think the flood of evidence would be enough to clear the fog, but no. Someone is doing a total snow-job on this issue.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    My daughter received 2nd degree burns from DHMO. It’s also a major ingredient in coffee and soda pop, but the corrupt food companies won’t remove it. They want us addicted!

  • Fr. Denis Lemieux

    Oh, cry me a river.