Danish Royal Family Portrait?…

…or Addams Family?

The new portrait of the Danish Royal Family is a little... dark. The painting by artist Thomas Kluge was unveiled over the weekend as part of an exhibition of royal portraits.

We’re not saying “All Hail the Satanic overlords,” but we’re also not not saying that.

  • Marion (Mael Muire)

    The portrait is, as the linked article says, “dark” . . . very dark, and dark art typically repels me, but not this one; instead, I find it compelling; one is very much drawn in. It’s done in a surreal style extraordinary for royal portraiture, but this artist is very much the master of his craft, and that’s what I think somehow makes the portrait “work.”

    The subtext, I think, is very much a “Love Among the Ruins” theme – the crumbling and semi-deserted structures in the daylit far background, the somewhat eerie cave-like blackness of the foreground, the weird chiarscuro of the human figures and faces, illuminated and shadowed in ways that we wouldn’t expect to observe in the real world, the apparent unconcerned detachment of the family from the deteriorating world outside . . . all suggest to me an allusion to the notion of the drawing to a close of the royal house’s role in Danish life, and perhaps even the twilight of the West itself. A message not without some lèse majesté, it would seem!

  • capaxdei

    If they can’t be excused one tower of blood as a plaything for their children, what’s the point of even being royal?