It’s been 35 Years…

…and an entire generation still bears the scars of that horrific night:


  • Elmwood

    I liked it, because it really tied the whole star wars thing together, like my rug.

    • T. J. P. W.

      That references makes no sense!

      • Bede the Venerable

        Ever see The Big Lebowski?

  • Mr. X

    Mark Shea, only you could be so bold.

  • xbox361

    A moment of high camp, in a country many freedoms ago…

  • Marchioness Pezzulo

    I am sorry I missed it.

  • John Simmins

    This country lost its innocence that night.

  • bear

    And people think jar jar was the worst thing to happen to Star Wars.

  • Dave G.

    You weren’t a kid eagerly waiting for the next Star Wars movie. We waited weeks for this to be shown. I can still remember school the next day.

  • faithandfamilyfirst

    Harvey Korman was the true star that night (which is pretty much true of everything that he appeared in).

  • Stefanie

    “This will be a day long remembered.”
    You kill me, Mark…I had fallen in love with Star Wars in July 1978 during the Summer re-issue and was so eagerly awaiting the Holiday Special. Even though I was in my 20′s, I still collected box tops and sent away for my exclusive Boba Fett action figure as that character was revealed in an animated short in the Special. By the time the prequels arrived, those newer fans who hadn’t seen the Special were breathless to find out if it REALLY was as bad as they had heard. It was almost a Holy Grail for them. Those of us who had seen the Special ‘first hand’ were very amused by their breathlessness. Someone (not me) in our Star Wars fan community made a copy of the video recording an older SW fan (again, not me) had made on that fateful night . The groans of the Special’s awfulness were music to we older fans’ ears, but instead of reviling it, the newbies’ look at it fondly…kinda indulgently, like you would indulge a crazy aunt or uncle at Thanksgiving.
    MTFBWY, Mark!

  • Barbara

    Oh come on! Christmas is good; Star wars is good. Ergo a Star Wars Christmas should be twice as good. Why do you hate children’s happiness, Mark?

  • Anna

    I’ve only seen the xkcd about it, which has convinced me that that’s plenty.