Cool? Pretty Dang!

Tips for Jesus is going around leaving gigantic tips for wait staff.  As in $5000 tips.  That is extremely cool.  Way to go, whoever you are.

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  • Jon W

    Please God this guy’s doing it because he wants to shower the love of Jesus on over-worked, underpaid people and not because he’s concerned about Jesus’ brand name.

  • John G.

    It would be nice if this is real but my daughter says that the tip cannot be charged unless there is a valid signature on the slip. The restaurant can charge the billed amount but not the tip. I’ve actually forgot to sign a big bill once and returned to the restaurant to deliver the tip because I noticed that my credit card bill did not reflect the tip only the food.

    • Roki

      I suppose the question is, what makes a signature valid? After all the story notes that the tips had been charged to @tipsforjesus’ account.

      Then again, @tipsforjesus seems to be the only actual source of this story, so I’m inclined to keep a grain or two of salt handy.

  • Rosemarie


    Back when I was in Evangelicalism, I remember a preacher on the radio mentioning that some Christians were leaving gospel tracts instead of tips in restaurants. He said this was a bad idea since it made Christians look cheap which is not a good witness. He then said, “If you’re going to leave a tract, leave a *big* tip with it!” That’s what this reminded me of. :-)