I gotta give it to this guy

The Warfighter Foundation's photo.

Why not arrest Paul Ryan for treason and give his job to this guy?  He couldn’t do a worse job.

  • bear

    There’s something to be said for those who voice their opinion without fear of the consequences, even though they may say things that are occasionally disagreeable, or worse, uncomfortable.

  • Stu

    I watched Duck Dynasty for the first time this weekend to see what these guy are all about.

    I’d choose their company any day of the week over any politician, Hollywood type or other so-called elite.

  • Cypressclimber

    Mark, I have a question. In all your criticism of Mr. Ryan supporting the change in the military pension COLA (or however anyone wants to describe it), why not mention Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel? After all, he–unlike Mr. Ryan–is a military veteran. Not as sympathetic a target; which therefore raises a question: if it’s so obviously, utterly, completely and totally outrageous (akin to “treason,” you shout), how does someone like Mr. Hagel support it?

    I actually don’t know what I think about the change itself. But a part of me immediately bristles whenever someone–in this case, you–attempts to portray this as an army of light vs. the forces of darkness, and something no decent, right-thinking person could possibly, even for a millisecond, support (“treason”!).

    And I’m no fan of any of the players: Mr. Obama, Mr. Hagel, Ms. Murray or Mr. Ryan. Once again, I just wonder what’s fair. And what might–under all the rhetorical layers–be true.

    • chezami

      Hagel is, like the rest of the Ruling Class, a wealthy man who doesn’t have to care about the people he is screwing. He’s latched onto the public tit just like Ryan. What makes you think every vet is a monolith of virtue? That said, at least he served. Ryan has done nothing but feed at the state trough and screw others.

    • Stu

      McCain supported this trash too.

      At one point, I wanted to be a Congressman. Now I’m too afraid that the Dark Side would corrupt me as well.

  • Tony
  • chad

    I can’t find a source for this quote. I wonder if is real.