Left and Right Stand in Solidarity…

…when it comes to cheering for our Presidential murderer of children.  On the Left, repulsive progressive hypocrisy.  On the right:

Cuz I totally know what my next door neighbor is doing all the time. So these children had it coming.

The one thing the Obama-hating, discernment-free Right is foursquare in favor of is the President unilaterally ordering the murder of children. Cuz that’s awesome manly war, doncha know. It’s hard to decide who is the more repulsive hypocrite: the formerly anti-war leftist who falls down in silent worship before the God King or the allegedly government-fearing right winger–a guy who seriously tried to chalk up the death of Jesus Christ to Big Government and taxes for the dumbed-down delectation of red meat post-Christian culture warriors–who falls down in adoration when the Big Government God King acts in the name of Mars.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    They are equally repulsive. We should pray for them.

  • Stu

    Bill O’Reilly.
    Clearly he never wore the cloth.

  • AMoniqueOcampo

    Now I understand why Stephen Colbert outsmarted Bill O’Reilly. Both claim to be Catholic, but only one of them managed to A) explain the transubstantiation and defended it, B) is actually funny and not unintentionally funny, and C) can do a liturgical dance for the feast of Christ the King and get away with it.

  • Cypressclimber

    Good heavens, Mark, all “the Right” is not responsible for the rants of Bill O’Reilly! What do you want us to do–order a hit on him?

    And while you’re correct that many Republicans are on board with drone-killings, a lot of conservatives are not. Do you not realize there has been an intensifying war between these two categories? Mitch McConnell v. Jim DeMint; Boehner v. Tea Party.

    This has been going on for several years–it’s not new.

    • Cypressclimber

      Might I add two words: Ron Paul?

      • peggy

        Thank you. The broadbrush accusations which can be proven untrue are tiresome. They are unjust and uncharitable as well. Shea missed the discussions of the immorality of the drone strikes at NRO some time ago.

        Besides, BOR is no conservative. He’s a blowhard.

    • chezami

      I recognize the right is not a monolith. I also recognize that it is people like O’Reilly who control the narrative and are the manufacturers of thought for the Thing that Used to be Conservatism. I’m happy when conservatives resist such voices.

      • merkn

        O’Reilly does not “control the narrative”. He has a show on FOX that roughly 3 million of our fellow citizens watch. While some of that audience may be conservative, many are contrarians or leftists that like to get upset or just the typically uninformed. He is a front runner who believes in nothing. No serious “right wing” conservative whatever that means or libertarian takes him seriously. He is a buffoon who claims to be conservative because it makes his brand more marketable. He is kind of a Donald Trump of media. a fraud that the uninformed take seriously.