US to Create Standardized Voting System for 2016 Elections

Pull left lever for the Democrat nominee, right lever for the Republican nominee:

Caption contest!

Me: I’m voting third potty.

  • Thinkling

    I am writing in VP Joe Bidet.

    • orual’s kindred

      Will you also wash your hands of the consequences thereafter?!

    • Stu

      Your choice for Number 2.

  • Michael Lindner

    How come the Democrats get the toilet paper holder? I smell bias!

    • Dan F.

      because Republicans can hold it for themselves. ;)

  • Joe

    Boy, wouldn’t this be crappy?

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    This discussion is going down the drain.

    • chezami

      No shit.

  • Jason Hall

    I found this post to be quite moving.