FOX files highly dubious Bigfoot story under “Science” news

Some guy claims to have killed a Bigfoot and offers these totally not fake-looking pictures as “proof”.

Until the guy produces the corpse and submits it for scientific examination, the headline should be “Presume hoaxter refuses to let latest ‘find’ be tested by real science.”  It should be filed under News of the Weird, not “Science”.

  • Dave G.

    I’ve seen stories like this before, sometimes in segments or sections dedicated to science, sometimes to debunk, often with tongues planted firmly in cheeks. The article itself seems almost to be poking fun – mythical monster, grainy video, this time he promises he isn’t crying wolf. I don’t see an endorsement.

  • Roki

    Dude, just wait till a Sasquatch rips open your tent one night and drags your best friend out into the woods leaving a trail of blood and merit badges behind, and you have to listen to his screams of terror as he’s being et alive, and you have to track it down but all you find is the torn-off left sleeve of your buddy’s shirt and you scream at the sky and swear eternal vengeance against the inhuman monster, and you spend your childhood in counseling and your weekends in the woods hunting for the wily beast until at last you corner one, but it’s a mother suckling her baby Sasquatch, and you’re torn with compassion and the thing escapes just as you fire your rifle, and now you sit at a computer reading about your lifelong rival who hunts Bigfoot for sport of all things, claiming all the accolades that Fox News can ladle on his head, and then–THEN tell me you don’t believe! Okay big guy?

    Um, not that anything like that ever happened to me. Uh, really, no. Really.

    • LSUStatman

      As a Scoutmaster, I discourage my Scouts from having Jack Links Beef Jerky in their tents, so they are safe.

      Thanks for your concern.

      • introvert_prof

        It’s bad enough for them to wake up with a racoon sitting calmly on their laps, eating their snacks. Bigfoot won’t fit on a boy’s lap.

  • bear

    All I can think of is the old “In Search of… ” series from way back when, narrated by Leonard Nimoy. As I recall, Bigfoot was connected to Easter Island, Stonehenge and the Loch Ness Monster, and was possibly Jack the Ripper too.

  • kenofken

    On the theory that such a creature is probably sentient, it would be damn funny if the local prosecutor opened a homicide investigation on this knucklehead. He wanted some attention and someone to swallow his tall tale. Oblige him!

  • jaybird1951

    I bet it is a descendant of “ancient aliens” who once visited the Earth and propagated with the indigenous population. I know that because one channel tells me so. :-)

    • Dave G.

      That would be National Geographic?

      • TO

        The History Channel–History Made (up) Every Day.

  • UAWildcatx2

    My only question is whether they found any beef jerky around the body.