Inexplicable ad from the Age of Bossa Nova

WTF is this please?

Extra. Large. Snack. Sack?  Makes you wonder what Science would find if we enlarged that small print, don’t it?

As for me, “A man of action needs to wear pants of action!” has become my new life motto.

  • An Aaron, not The Aaron

    “Why have I never heard of Sansabelt, you ask?” Well, judging from the voracious expression on the dog’s face, one would have to conclude that the “extra large snack sack” and the “action zone” are one and the same. This dude is about two seconds from having a very bad day.

  • quasimodo

    action zone? I miss the 60′s

  • Joyce Donahue
    • Linebyline

      Words cannot express my relief…that I felt until I realized it was still *based* on a real ad. Oh well. Can’t be any worse than the ads for Duluth Trading Company.

  • neveraname

    Well, I am old enough to remember sansabelt pants and tonight spotted James Bond as played by the fabulously cool Sean Connery in Goldfinger wearing a pair of sansabelt trousers. Pussy Galore looked mighty impressed, but not sure it was the slacks….anyway, awesome find even if the ad was doctored. Love your new motto, Mark.