Question for Collectors

I have three of these, first editions, in mint condition:

Are they worth anything or a dime a dozen?

  • Marthe Lépine

    Have you looked at eBay? There are categories for “art” and “collectibles”and you might get an idea based on the value of similar works being offered. However, it can be very time consuming… If I was not swamped by work right now (between periods of drought, it never rains, it pours) I would try to check this myself, but another one of your readers might be able and have the time to try.

  • Jonathan F. Sullivan

    That’s a program booklet, yes? Looks like they’re going for $6-35 dollars on eBay.

  • Paul H

    I too would recommend an eBay search. Make sure to go to advanced search, and search completed listings or sold listings. That will show you not just similar items currently for sale, but similar items that have been sold in the recent past, and how much they sold for.

  • Kelly

    Why are the X-Wings shooting Darth Vader’s chin?

    • Steve P

      bc Lord Vader took one on the chin when the Death Star was destroyed? Just a guess… I’ve never been very good at artistic interpretation.

  • Jason Hall

    They’ll net you a couple droids on Tattoine.

    • Erin Manning

      But those are not the droids he’s looking for.

      • Jason Hall

        I have altered the deal. Pray I don’t alter it further.

        • Erin Manning

          I have a bad feeling about this.