I’ve always liked Robert Downey, Jr.

Here’s another reason why.  The man is a mensch.

84% of Americans would ban abortion...
Jean Vanier wins Templeton Prize
Army Rangers are on a Mission to Defeat ISIS...
Congratulations to John C. Wright and Mike Flynn...
  • http://www.likelierthings.com/ Jon W

    The very last line of that story is beautiful.

  • MarylandBill

    This is also a good example of why we should be careful about judging people. We tend to judge based on the mistakes they made in life. Mistakes, but for the grace of God we could have made (as if the mistakes we did make were not bad enough).

  • Gordis85

    A nice read about a solid actor who is not only darkly handsome, but a gentleman to boot. Thanks be to God! ^^