Prayer Request

A reader writes:

My best friend and the best man at my wedding last year, has had significant difficulty holding down a job for the last year or so. I’ve done/am doing everything I can think of to help, but I can’t pay his rent — I don’t have the money — and I can’t employ him, because I don’t own a business. He’s basically at the end of his rope. If your readers would please be so kind as to intercede for him, that’d be awesome; his dad is about to end his emergency support (which has been sustaining him for the last few months) and he’ll have to leave NY and move back home.

If anybody out there is in the NYC tristate area and can offer him a job, that’d be awesome. He’s a trained bartender, has extensive experience waiting tables. If you have anything — moving boxes, stocking groceries, hitting rocks with other rocks — he would appreciate it.

Please, please help.

Father, help this man swiftly find a good job at a living wage. Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for him. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen!

To contact my reader with job info, write him at this address.

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