Class Warfare from our Ruling Class

The effect of memes like this….

…is to set two groups of people who are being screwed by the Ruling Class against each other and distract them both from the fact that they are being screwed by the Ruling Class.

This is calculated to set screwed troops against single mothers (who are often their own wives) working two jobs at Walmart to make ends meet, while the family has to take food stamps. Meanwhile the people screwing them get off scot free and richer than ever.

I think troops in harm’s way should each make what the highest paid member of the Senate makes, and that every member of the Executive and Legislative branch should be stripped of all earnings beyond their salary of office for the duration of their tenure and have those monies go into a fund for killed and wounded vets and their families. If any member of the Exec or Legislative branch objects, they should be sentenced to life in prison for treason or have the option of being sent to clean toilets in combat zones till every American soldier is brought home. A soldier from the combat zone should be chosen at random to fill their seat.

Here is how our Ruling Class, not some underpaid Walmart slave, typically treats our troops:

Don’t get played.