The normal GOP sound and fury has been sounded

McCain has registered his genuine disgust with Trump’s traitorous suckupery to Putin and his spittle directed at our intelligence and law enforcement communities.  McConnell has pretended to care.  So has Ryan.  Other GOP accomplices have made the proper noises.  Even FOX could not dig down deep inside and find the lies necessary to excuse Trump’s repulsive performance (though I’m sure Hannity will find a way.  Even Gingrich made a feint of pretending to care (while offering Trump a clear sign that he is still not beyond the pale for this pack of equally traitorous swine):

Right.  A mistake.  Oopsies!

SE Cupp summarizes the reality of Trump’s massive betrayal of these United States:

But you and I both know how this kabuki plays out.  All this sound and fury from the accomplices in the GOP Congress is the normal “thoughts and prayers” crap they put out because they have not the slightest intention of acting.  In the end, this party of nihilist predators will do nothing–absolutely nothing–to stop him.  Why?  Because they do not give a damn about the US except as raw material to exploit and a population to bleed white before they head for their tax shelters defended by Blackwater from the righteous fury of their victims.  These people are *enemies* the United States of America and if we do not defend ourselves from them, they will continue to do untold damage to our country.

Once again, the Party of Trump demonstrates that, for them, accusation is a form of confession.  When they passionately accuse others of something…

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It’s just a matter of time till they do it themselves.  They are masters of projection.

And Trump’s base of Christianist cultists? Well, the most wrong people in American public life have a huge investment of ego, money, and stupidity to protect in the person of their dimestore antichrist. So the same people who screech in fury that some kneeling football players are traitors for taking a knee will bend over backwards pretending to now see this act of betrayal for what it is.

And that is why it is up to patriots to end this party starting in November.  Vote the traitorous SOBs out.  Every one of them.  Then do it again in 2020.  And again in 2022.  Keep destroying them until they are gone.  It’s not just Trump.  It’s the whole damned party–especially the base.  Crush them.  Keep crushing till they are gone.

And to all you excuse-makers:

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