Another Dogma of the Left is that the French Could Teach us a Lot About Being Civilized and Tolerant [Read more...]

Why the Left is losing hearts and minds John Kerry accidentally gives it all away, but like Caiaphas, does not know what he’s saying: “He said with a sigh to one top staffer, ‘I can’t believe I’m losing to this idiot.’” The problem is pretty simple: the Left is *consumed* with this sort of intellectual [Read More...]

Hey There! Instead of buying that Starbucks… Why not drop some shekels in the WebElves’ tin cup? You’ll never miss it and they badly need it. [Read more...]

My reader Philosopher was wondering how it is that the Left is perceived as fundamentally hostile to Christians This extremely typical example of a Leftist trying to figure out “What went wrong” and coming up with “It must be because those who disagree with me are stupid, evil and ignorant” is good start in trying [Read More...]

One More, Then I’m Done for the Day To everybody who is trying to figure out an orthodox way to say “Vatican 2 was a mistake and should never have happened”: Rather than me having to hop to it and step and fetch it to meet the insatiable demands of reactionary dissenters with more and [Read More...]

“Can a people that believes more fervently in the Virgin Birth than in evolution still be called an Enlightened nation?” The allegedly Catholic Garry Wills gives voice to the Silent Scream of Highly Intelligent Blue America. I’m trying to recall when the Church defined evolution as dogma and said the Virgin Birth was a fable [Read More...]

One more on the Alternative History business A reader more or less sums up several complaints when he writes: Mr. Shea takes a true idea (the Holy Spirit protects the Church from requiring the laos to believe what is not true) and by filtering it through his ultramontism arrives at something that is not true [Read More...]

The Most Important Thing I will Blog Today K-Lo is absolutely right. Arlen Specter must *not* be allowed to chair the Senate Judiciary Committee. *You* can help stop him. This is the golden opportunity of our generation to finally make a real dent in the judicial usurpation of politics and, in particular, in the culture [Read More...]

Not a bad idea A reader writes: Be All You Can Be: Be a Leprous Samaritan For weeks, in some cases for months, people have been praying that President Bush be re-elected, that we (the country, the Church, the world) be spared a Kerry presidency. Many Catholics have made novenas, sometimes one after another, for [Read More...]

Oh, and by the way… I’ve looked high and low in the Catechism for the term “pastoral council” and the teaching of the Church that an Ecumenical Council and a “pastoral council” are two different things, the latter of which can be safely ignored if you don’t like it. Can’t find the reference. I’m awfully [Read More...]