The First Rule for Catholic Democrats… …sell your soul to Moloch. The devil took Clark, Kennedy, Granholm and Kucinich to a very high mountain, and showed them all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them; and he said to them, “All these I will give you, if you will fall down and [Read More...]

I’d trace the problem back a bit further. Say…. the 1530s [Read more...]

Vultures Gather, Caw Inane Pontifications … such as, “The big question on Catholics’ minds is who’s running the show.” Ever hear of the Holy Spirit? This is what happens when you turn reporters loose who don’t have a frickin’ clue about the Faith and encourage them to confidently hold forth on it. They just make [Read More...]

Send these… …to this guy. [Read more...]

As Tim Drake is About to Demonsrate in an upcoming National Catholic Register piece… …your noisemaking to chancery rats about antics like this really is noticed (and even lied about–a sign you make them very nervous). Long, sloooooow, steady pressure. Two steps forward, one step back. Keep up the pressure. These bureaucrats who promote and [Read More...]

Sr. Orbis Rotunda of the St. Bertha Adipose of Magnaburg Liturgical Dance Troupe Mourns the Loss of a Promising Potential Member [Read more...]

Did you hear about the Nerd who went to Hell? He was cast into Outer Dorkness. Add your own joke below. I gotta go work now. [Read more...]

A year from now, the Feds will cautiously acknowledge that this *might* have something to do with terrorism Doesn’t *everybody* take a strenuous hike over boulders with camera equipment to go photograph nuke plants? My family does that every Sunday after church. [Read more...]

Very Nice Encomium to Ronald Reagan by Andrew Sullivan I’ve always thought the chattering class buffoons who believed their own press clippings about how stupid Reagan was were simply revealing their own shallowness. I think the same thing of the ninnies who are too dumb to do anything but repeat the mantra that Bush is [Read More...]

I believe everything about him, including his hair! [Read more...]

Gaylord Diocesan Paper Does Adoring Lickspittle Puff Piece on Pro-Abort Fanatic Gov. Granholm HMS blog is on the case and has the contact info for (politely!) registering your displeasure at this sort of “AmChurch-as-Democratic-Party-at-Prayer” bullshit. [Read more...]

One thing I’ve never understood …is the strange need, particularly among some Protestants but also among Rad Trads, to make sure that Catholics exclude as many people as possible from any knowledge whatsoever of the One True God. It’s weird really. Paul could look at the Athenian worship of the “Unknown God” and acknowledge that [Read More...]