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Indulging One of the Most Primal Appetites of the Human Species I give you (courtesy of the indefatigable Fr. Bryce Sibley) this site, dedicated to making the biblical case for polygamy. (And don’t forget to check out their extra-special “Christian Polygamy Fairy Tales” link. And, along with these offerings, I will now indulge an urge [Read More...]


Hard Cases Make Bad Law or… “French Pro-Euthanasia Forces Score Big Propaganda Victory in Their Struggle to Complete What Hitler Began” [Read more...]


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Why Christ Commands Us to Forgive Because if you don’t, you are in prison forever, eternally bound by the person who victimized you, longer after he’s dead. Exhibit A: Those who can’t let go even when their victimizer “escaped justice” by being stomped to death by a Nazi. Mitchell Garabedian, who represents many of Geoghan’s [Read More...]


Tom Shales and Big Think Tom Shales suffers from one of the most ancient prejudices of the human race: the notion that God is primarily interested in Important People… “So let’s get our bearings. We are living here on a planet in shambles, terrorists running murderously amok, the Mideast on the verge of exploding, humanity [Read More...]


Iraq bishop says media distorts coverage to discredit US-led war One aspect of modernity that frustrates me greatly is that we are *totally* dependent on the press for our picture of everything that is going on in any field beyond our immediate experience. Whenever the press actually talks about something I know something about, they [Read More...]


The New Season for the Seattle G.K. Chesterton Society is about to Debut Our first offering: Oct. 15, 7:30, Casey Commons, Seattle University. Todd Rendleman, Ph.D., Department of Communication, Seattle Pacific University. “The Action of Mercy: A Flannery O’Connor Performance Hour.” Co-sponsored by the Washington Commission for the Humanities. If you live in the area, [Read More...]