Clarification When I say I think it will be Lady Macbeth vs. Giuliani in 08, I don’t mean that’s who *I* want. I merely think that’s who it will be. I would prefer Jeb Bush, a Catholic, who actually appears to let his faith guide his thinking, even at risk to his political career. But [Read More...]

Daschle Gone Another little triumph, wrought in part by the dynamic leadership of Bishop Robert Carlson of Sioux Falls, who, to my astonishment actually *named* Daschle in his list of Catholic hypocrites during a homily for Roe V. Wade day Mass when I was in SD last January. Way to go, Bishop! All in all, [Read More...]

More Dem Hilarity Slate begins the incredibly slow process of acquiring some intellectual humility. Saletan struggles to deal with the hardest question facing liberals: “If Bush is so stupid, how come he keeps kicking our ass?” But it’s awfully hard to just come out and say, “We’re not nearly as smart as we think we [Read More...]

In the words of Monty Burns, “Exxxxcellent!” The Daily Kos begins the morning with a lovely bit of Democratic cannibalism as the recriminations begin. First up: “Off with his head!” as a grateful member of the Party Faithful contemplates the many gifts that Terry McAuliffe has given the Evil Party since he was ramrodded into [Read More...]

My Latest on Catholic Exchange The Parable of the Dishonest Steward, one of Jesus’ oddest parables. [Read more...]

It’s Over After gracelessly hoping to foment Florida Redux Scenario, Kerry got some sleep and managed to muster as much class as Richard Nixon. Guess the Evils realized a 3 million popular vote loss would not fly as a basis for their claims to represent The People. Finally. It’s about time. [Read more...]

Hillary Clinton is the Happiest Woman in the World Now the Dems get to spend a while pretending they really won but Evil Forces robbed them (somehow) of victory. Much bustle in Ohio (for, who knows? weeks?) till, once again it’s settled in Bush’s favor. Then the crazies will *really* freak out. They’ll thirst for [Read More...]

I feel much safer Bin Laden promised that States which went for Kerry would not be considered to be at war with Islam. Happily, this means that New York, DC, LA, and Chicago (not to mention Seattle) are now completely safe from attacks by Al-Quaeda. I feel so secure. I mean, why would bin Laden [Read More...]

Now Comes the Fun Part Kerry refuses to concede. Vultures hurtle toward Ohio to repeat 2000 silliness. That Karl Rove is a diabolically clever man. First, he arranges the bin Laden tape, then his fiendish Weather Control Machine brings the rain on Ohio *and* somehow throws Florida to Bush so thoroughly that even Michael Moore [Read More...]

On the bright side, “The Incredibles” comes out Friday and I will rush off with the kids to see it Pixar can do no wrong. [Read more...]