Prayer Request A reader writes: My sister is pregnant out of wedlock and is considering abortion. I have begged her to go the adoption route and am working hard to find her an adoptive couple. However, I am terrified that she is going to get an abortion before I am able to. If you could [Read More...]

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HipHop Debate Only one day left for this to be really funny. Enjoy it while it lasts! [Read more...]

The American-Austalian Goodwill Tours of 2004 bear Abundant Fruit! While I was busy in Sydney and Adelaide (well, okay, Murray Bridge and Tailem Bend), Sherry Weddell was busy taking the Tasty Goodness of the Siena Institute’s Called and Gifted Program to Melbourne (a city equidistantly Way Far Away from both Adelaide and Sydney). Here is [Read More...]

Please Keep Terri Schiavo in your Prayers! [Read more...]

Ignatius Insight is on the Air! [Read more...]

Another Reader Vents His Spleen After reading my outrageous attacks on Slim Whitman (who, as anyone can see from my piece, I *clearly* regard as a Satanic enemy of the human race), a reader gives me a piece of his mind: I read your article about Slim Whitman. I have followed his career for decades [Read More...]

The Niceness Creed The push of modern religious sensibility is to replace the Nicene Creed with the Niceness Creed. Case in point, a reader sends me a real ad for An on-line discernment questionnaire offered by the Sisters of St. Francis Answer the following questions in your heart: * Do you pray regularly? * Do [Read More...]

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