Cleveland Diocese Institutes New “Rite of Confusion” The plan appears to be to ask people to do stuff if they feel like it and then sit back and laugh while Mr. Smith attempts to follow the new protocol while Mrs. Jones refuses to. This will create “unity” in some Pickwickian sense understood only by liturgists. [Read More...]

A Dozen More Reasons to Drop your TV Off a Cliff [Read more...]

Greg Popcak speaks common sense Be sure to write Cdl. Maida and give him an “atta boy.” [Read more...]

And in the hands of Hillary, it will be put to even more ingenious uses… Dr. Frankenstein, call your office. [Read more...]

Indulging One of the Most Primal Appetites of the Human Species I give you (courtesy of the indefatigable Fr. Bryce Sibley) this site, dedicated to making the biblical case for polygamy. (And don’t forget to check out their extra-special “Christian Polygamy Fairy Tales” link. And, along with these offerings, I will now indulge an urge [Read More...]

Hard Cases Make Bad Law or… “French Pro-Euthanasia Forces Score Big Propaganda Victory in Their Struggle to Complete What Hitler Began” [Read more...]

This person… should read this person. [Read more...]

Secret Agent Man has Great Fun at John Shelby Sssssssssponnnnnnggggg’s Expense [Read more...]

Always a hopeful sign when examination of conscience gets serious consideration …in the pages of the NY Times no less! [Read more...]

Why Christ Commands Us to Forgive Because if you don’t, you are in prison forever, eternally bound by the person who victimized you, longer after he’s dead. Exhibit A: Those who can’t let go even when their victimizer “escaped justice” by being stomped to death by a Nazi. Mitchell Garabedian, who represents many of Geoghan’s [Read More...]

Tom Shales and Big Think Tom Shales suffers from one of the most ancient prejudices of the human race: the notion that God is primarily interested in Important People… “So let’s get our bearings. We are living here on a planet in shambles, terrorists running murderously amok, the Mideast on the verge of exploding, humanity [Read More...]

Iraq bishop says media distorts coverage to discredit US-led war One aspect of modernity that frustrates me greatly is that we are *totally* dependent on the press for our picture of everything that is going on in any field beyond our immediate experience. Whenever the press actually talks about something I know something about, they [Read More...]