Lawyers Declare End of Period of National Mourning and Unity Now it’s back to vampirism as usual. [Read more...]

Another proud moment for the prolife movement [Read more...]

These bishops showed “no resistance,” Mr. George said, to conservatives’ pleas to “call the evil by name” in terms of the clergy’s sexual-abuse crisis. Well, yes. Showing “no resistance” is what jelly usually does. The question is, will they move from showing “no resistance” to what was said to *doing* anything about it, particularly when [Read More...]

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The Curt Jester Kills Me [Read more...]

Greg Popcak files his first report on the Big Meeting with the bishops Not as negative as Leon Podles take, but not glowing either. Oh, and it turns out George Weigel and Fr. Neuhaus were invited, but couldn’t make it. One wonders if they intuited that it would not be time well-spent. [Read more...]

Jeremy Lott on Reptile Republican Money Whores Who Don’t Give a Rip About Human Life AKA “fiscally conservative/socially liberal” Their only saving grace is that they are passive about abortion rather than active zealots for the Sacrament of Abortion. Some comfort. [Read more...]

More News You Will Never See in the NY Times [Read more...]

A reader writes concerning this piece on Mary as Co-Redemptrix Mark, would you please address this concept in your blog? This subject terrifies me, because as a convert I just CAN’T go there – it smacks too much of deifying Mary and making her equal to Jesus. Please get some discussion going for those of [Read More...]

Finally, a believable spam Dear Sir / Madam, I am Mr. Bib Fortuna, secretary to the late Desilijic family boss,Jabba the Hutt who died on Tatooine while still on active duty for our family. When my boss was alive I used to move funds running into millions of Galactic Credits to Nar Shaddaa and Ord [Read More...]

Here’s the Touchstone blog people having conniptions about The extremely unedifying combination of the episcopal gutlessness on display in DC and the bureaucratic contempt for the flock on display here has a number of people livid. I’m not among them. And that, in turn, confuses people. Indeed, much of my approach to the reform of [Read More...]

This is why I moved out of Seattle proper My dislike of coffee and espresso violated numerous zoning codes in Seattle, so I had to leave the city where I could indulge my milk habit in peace. [Read more...]