Har de har har My guess is that these guys set the teeth of serious Jews on edge as much as the clever fluff brains behind the “Catholic Girl’s Guide to Sex” irritate and offend serious Catholics. The flippant disregard, not only for the commandment to not take God’s name in vain, but for Kiddush [Read More...]


For my countless legions of Polish-speaking readers… And if you want it in English, it’s here. [Read more...]


Meat Processing A reader sez: Have you noticed lately how they (yahoo, mass media, etc.) seem to be pushing Hillary Duff now? I can remember, not so long ago, when Brittany Spears was that sweet, innocent looking young girl that Hillary appears to be now. Now that Brittany has distroyed the idea that she is [Read More...]


Good Morning! It’s Day 3 of the Quarterly Catholic and Enjoying It! Pledge Week Yesterday, you got to hear about what Rabbi Lapin thinks of “The Passion”, find out about fat people who demand you affirm them in their okayness, watch journalists fantasize about the Vatican cracking down on pretty much everything with a pulse, [Read More...]


Vatican Cracks Down on “Frail Pope” Cliches Rigidly orthodox Cdl. Ratzinger bans unoriginal journalists from using “frail” and “Pope” in same sentence. Washington Post complies. [Read more...]


My pal Steve Greydanus has a brush with greatness After he posted his review of “Second Hand Lions” (which features a brief paean of praise to Berkeley Breathed, the genius behind “Bloom County” and “Outland”) Steve got an email out of the blue from… Berkeley Breathed with some good news for fans of the strip! [Read More...]


Deep Questions Not Faced by Previous Generations of Fathers “Daddy, how did the Hulk get hulky?” Do I tell the story as it is related by the M (Marvel) source (scientist rescuing punk kid on Bomb Test range gets full dose of radiation), or the the cinematic redactor’s version featuring weird Frankensteinian intergenerational experiments? Decisions, [Read More...]


How utterly original Madonnified Catholics write book making light of Catholic Church and caricaturing Catholics as sexually repressed. Profound Catholic thinker Bill O’Reilly does the profile of these absolutely cutting edge authors tonite and affords their Wacky Satire national exposure. Man! I sure am glad that somebody has finally had the courage to caricature Catholics [Read More...]


Haloscan Has Been Raptured! and my blog has been Left Behind!!!! [Read more...]


Mark at Minute Particulars labors to bring 21st Century Cutting Edge Atheists up to date …with pre-Christian Greek philosophy. (Scroll down to “Hanging a Hat on a Painted Hook”). Watching Mark answer Raving Atheist is rather like watching a handler trying to teach a rambunctious puppy to pee on the paper. RA has far more [Read More...]


I told you buses are forever “plunging” for Independent Media Minds I think the Vatican should crack down on plunging buses. [Read more...]


Has Andrew Sullivan ever read the New Testament? Somehow he divines from Reagan’s letters a challenge to the “doctrines of St. Paul” because Reagan had some residual guilt about sex which he seems to have overcome by believing the Noble Savage mythology of Rousseau and Margaret Mead. I can see a challenge to some of [Read More...]