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Ratzinger Makes Perfectly True Observation, Drives Americans Mad Turns out European post-Christian secularism is as revolting to Muslims as it is to many Christians. But, of course, if you say that, you are giving aid and comfort to the Enemy. So you should just pretend that apostate European and American Culture of Death are glorious [Read More...]

Brownshirts for Kerry Attempt Vehicular Homicide These people are dangerous nuts. It’s weird how the people who do this sort of thing are always to quick to label their victims “extremists”. It’s practically a rule of thumb that the first person to trot out the word “extremist” in a situation that clearly doesn’t warrant it [Read More...]

What the Church Means by “Merit” My latest on Catholic Exchange. [Read more...]

A reading from the epistle to the Galatians 4:19-23 Down below, in an occurrence that is all to frequent among the St. Blog’s Commentariat, a reader responds to the good news that former mass-murdering Khmer Rouge are turning to Christ with this: The glaring question for us Catholics is: where the heck are we? Cambodia [Read More...]

It’s Wednesday Morning Here in Adelaide Pastor Peter is at morning prayers and will be back in about a half hour. Then I go with him and Br. Nigel (soon to be Fr. Nigel) on whirlwind tour of the Adelaide area just to see the sights and take in Australia. With luck I shall see [Read More...]

Why I Like Jeremy Lott (and Get Religion) So Much When the Revealer sees a piece of sanctimonious and ignorant crap, it calls it “first-rate religion journalism” because the J school idiots who look to the Revealer as the arbiter of Good Religious Journalism wouldn’t know it from a hole in the ground. When Lott [Read More...]

Sounds like Agent Smith has been busy [Read more...]

No matter what happens, the Kerryites will claim voter fraud and victory, etc. What a bunch of slimes. [Read more...]