Fr. Robert Sirico on the Pryor Nomination Catholics Need Not Apply [Read more...]

Amen and Amen My pal Sherry Weddell, writes over on Amy’s blog: I’ve read so much kvetching and lamenting of late on both Amy’s and Mark Shea’s blogs, so much despair about the Church, that I just have to put in my two cents worth. In the course of my job, I have taught in [Read More...]

You know, for all the gripes about the entirely transitory problems the Church faces… I would just like to say Amen to something one of my readers wrote: I am eternally, eternally grateful to the Church for preserving steadfast throughout two crazy millenia the fullness of unadulterated Truth concerning God and the human person. I [Read More...]

I’m proud to say Archie McPhee’s is right here in Seattle! If it’s weird, you can get it there. [Read more...]

The Lady Eve What a hilarious screwball comedy! Never saw it till a night or two ago. Great stuff! Hasn’t aged a day in 60 years. [Read more...]

Whatever. In 40 years she’ll be some weird old hag taking pictures of nude boys like Germaine Greer and lamenting her wasted life. The review is the very quintessence of the shallow, worldly praise of the chattering classes. [Read more...]

Reason #394857234050345673583937509 to kill your TV [Read more...]

Earl E. Appleby, Jr of CURE (Citizens United Resisting Euthanasia) writes: As a fellow member of St. Blog’s Parish, I call your attention to the latest report on Times Against Humanity. Additional coverage is available on CURE’s blog, Epivalothanasia , and, of course, on the excellent site maintained by our friends at the Terri Schiavo-Schindler [Read More...]

One of the bloody borders of Islam [Read more...]

Break a leg, John! One of St. Blog’s Own is running for office in Canada: John Pacheco. Pete Vere, a Canadian refugee currently on the lam in Florida disguised in a fez, tells me, “He’s running in Ottawa South, the riding currently held by Dalton McGuinty, Jr., the leader of the Ontario Liberal Party and [Read More...]

To anybody in the Seattle Area Come to the Blessed Sacrament Greenspire Medieval Faire this weekend. Cool stuff for the whole fambly, Lotsa food, guys in armor beating each other up, music, games, magic shows, beer, ale, general Andrew Greeley-approved festive whooptido. Proceeds go to help our building campaign pay the $1.6 million earthquake repair [Read More...]

I think we may have a new front runner in the Worst Still Serving Bishop Race Archbishop Patrick “Amnesiac” Flores. After his spectacular deposition transcript was released, I also ran across this. An edifying combination of surliness at exposure to light and sickening piety as a mask on institutional inertia and ass-covering, topped with an [Read More...]