Today’s D’oh’s! Blessed Mary McKillop was not a laywoman. I put the wrong link on my blog about Terayza the other day. I left all my copies of A Guide to the Passion in the US. I once put a button up my nose in fourth grade. If I think of other things, I’ll let [Read More...]

Translation Fellow Deranged Lefties! Don’t come completely unhinged and start burning down population centers, assassinating people you don’t like, attempting coups d’etat, and making complete destructive asses of yourselves, or you will destroy the last shreds of credibility you have and even apolitical Americans will awake to the reality that you are profoundly hostile to [Read More...]

Let Terayza Be Terayza! I just love the old girl. [Read more...]

From our Secular Messianism Dept. Kerry/Edwards Prayer Cloths [Read more...]

The Great Thing About Being Protestant is That You Will Never have to Kiss This Holy Relic [Read more...]

When Stars Attack Depe thot frum ar intertanemint eleets. [Read more...]

Looney Left Get Considerably Less Funny When politics becomes your religion, political enemies become demons to be exorcised by any means necessary, instead of mere human beings with different opinions. [Read more...]

Nifty Essay on the Myth of the Catholic Voter Hat tip to Amy Welborn. [Read more...]

Meatloaf: Serbia’s First Line of Defense Against Wild Boars [Read more...]

Every silver lining has a cloud Mine is this: Yes, I get to be in Australia till October 31. Many soreheads and unsympathetic people will probably cavil that this is pretty darn cool and lots of people don’t get to go to Australia and experience such a beautiful land and have all these wonderful adventures. [Read More...]