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Here’s a nifty service Pre-Paid Legal: for all your lawyerly needs. My wife and I signed up for it a few months ago. We’re having our wills drawn up but I also figured it would be handy to have an attorney on call to do all those attorneyfication thingamabobs they do without paying an arm [Read More...]


Cronkite: We’re liberal because we’re just so darn good I am Walter Cronkite. I am the Impartial One. (“Let’s face this one down right now: I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I am a registered independent”) These kids today. They aren’t enlightened like we were back in the 60s. (“We reached our intellectual adulthood with [Read More...]


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Dom Bettinelli Makes a Good Point While he was alive, John Geoghan was, you see, an abusive priest of “victims”, “youths”, “children”, “teens” “adolescents” and other sexless beings whose maleness was a sheer coincidence. Homosexuality had absolutely nothing to do with it. But now that he’s dead he is a victim of “anti-gay hate crime”. [Read More...]


Miles Jesu Does Good Work So good that Dan Brown will probably target them in his next illiterate screed of a novel against the Church. [Read more...]


WSJ on Gay Bishops Yes. Homosexuality is not the only sin. But the entire point is that nobody is saying gluttony or gossiping is a virtue, a sacrament, patriotic, and the “pinnacle of evolution” or that impenitent advocates and practitioners of these sins should be given a mitre precisely *because* they practice them. The gay [Read More...]


I wonder if there any books Amazon refuses to sell [Read more...]


I wonder if there any books Amazon refuses to sell [Read more...]


How a blog is maintained I know that people would like to think that I have 8 full hours a day to pore over each and every entry in the comments boxes, lovingly lavishing my full attention on each thought, each turn of phrase, each link, and each and every point. I know that the [Read More...]


Cardinals Rodriguez and Glemp make fools of themselves “Would a cardinal who advocated gay marriage or abortion not be defrocked?” Actually, the answer is quite probably “no”. Has Dershowitz not been paying attention? Excommunication and “defrocking” (I’m not clear if he means “depriving somebody of Holy Orders” or “depriving somebody of the Red Hat”) are [Read More...]


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