The Assyrian Church Benefits from the New Freedom for Islam in Iraq [Read more...]

When Children Get Abused and Bishops Hide the Files, That’s Despicable When Children Get Run Through Shredding Machines and Planned Parenthood Hides the Files, That’s a Courageous Defense of Privacy Rights Oddly, our Assyrian media, which cares so very very much about children has not noticed the latter story or given it much play, though [Read More...]

Another priest the NY Times Deems it Best you Not Know About You poor fragile dears. [Read more...]

Religious Figures Just Offer Symbolic Gestures About Peace Secularists really do something practical. About the “religionists just do symbolic acts” complaint. What else is religion (from a sociological perspective) than a vast network of symbols? What do people expect a bishop or a Pope to do beside make symbolic gestures? If you do not believe [Read More...]

Amy asked what people thought would happen to Israel I wrote: “My guess, to be honest, is that Israel will last about as long as we last as a superpower. I don’t see how it will survive when we go the way of every powerful state (unless they can somehow cultivate the patronage of whatever [Read More...]

Moral: The hoi polloi will hate you if you are beautiful like me Madonna pour out the riches of her wisdom to instruct the rising generation. Poor poor Lourdes. My heart genuinely goes out to that kid. [Read more...]

Scratch an atheist, find a fundamentalist Dependably, one of my atheist commenters trots out the old chestnut to argue that Christians who adhere to Old Testament morality in some areas (i.e. regarding homosexuality as sinful) have to adhere to the entire law of Moses: Mark, I’m now hoping that you adhere to the directive (I [Read More...]

More Bad News for Devotees of the Sacrament of Abortion This is who you are murdering. Look at it. Stop the denial. [Read more...]

It is a silly place [Read more...]

Freelance Writing Explained A reader asks, “How do you freelance?” Write a query email to the editor of a mag that is likely to be interested in stuff you write. Perhaps make the first paragraph of your snappy, witty and engaging article the first paragraph of the letter (remember, the purpose of the letter is [Read More...]

It’s only Monday and I may already have read the stupidest thing said all week “Assigned as a seminarian to teach school in Philadelphia, I soon saw the warning signs among older priests. Again, in my case, no evidence of pedophilia. But a lot of self-indulgence in other ways: heavy eating, drinking, travel, golf, television [Read More...]

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