From our “Fire the Headline Writer” Dept. Who knew the Witch in Hansel and Gretel was such a sucker for advertising? [Read more...]

Infantilized Minority Brownshirts on the March! Muzzling free speech because it causes discomfort. [Read more...]

Ann Coulter, Blonde Bombthrowershell, has fun once again “(Also, it would be insensitive to expose the Ten Commandments to students who had never been taught to count to 10.)” The one good thing about all this flat-footed and draconian bigotry is that it has the inevitable effect of making Christian belief into a sort of [Read More...]

A request to some of my readers and the Heart, Mind and Strength Blog Readers (you know who you are) If you wrote a letter (e-mail or snail mail) to either Cardinal Maida or Univ. of Detroit-Mercy pres. Sr. Maurenn Fay on the recent Call to Action/Women of Conscience: What Does Healthy Dissent in the [Read More...]

This is a job for the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch! [Read more...]

Convert Comes out Swinging for the Faith I can empathize. But I also think there’s also wisdom in spending a lot of time listening and learning before jumping into the fray. God farmed Saul of Tarsus out to the boondocks for a decade or so to shut up and learn before sending him on his [Read More...]

Best Portrait I’ve Yet Seen of Mel Gibson in the Throes of the Passion Controversy I hope his return to the Faith survives the crucible. I’m reminded of, I think, St. Ephaim the Syrian’s exhortation to be kind to every person you meet, for they are all fighting a great battle. Gibson’s overcome a lot [Read More...]

Fr. Bryce Sibley is Just Waaaaay Too Fun [Read more...]

Take a look at this picture of the crucifixion: Now take a look at this icon of the crucifixion: Notice how ghastly the former is and how luminous the latter is? There’s a reason for that and it’s ably discussed by the fabulous Frederica Matthews-Greene in her account of the Eastern and Western strands of [Read More...]

Thanks be to God! Peter’s back from the doc. They say he’s fine. Not to go into too many details, but let’s just say that more water and fiber and a bit less dairy will be part of his diet for the nonce. Parenthood: Teaching you the meaning of Fear and Joy. Huge thanks to [Read More...]

Foaming Bronze Age Fanatics Demonstrate Moral Superiority to Florida Courts If Florida’s going to judicially murder Terri, I think they should at least be honest about what they are doing and give her miserable SOB husband a big pile of rocks so he can just stone her to death for the crime of being lebenunwertensleben. [Read More...]

Yet another Episcopal Spine Alert! …from the Great White North. Somebody’s putting steroids in the communion wine up there lately. [Read more...]