The Influence of This Blog Just Keeps Growing Having single-handedly dealt a crushing blow to all Catholic School Dress codes, your humble scribe is now pleased to take credit for postponing judgment day by my dismissive remarks about this story the other day. [Read more...]

Remember: Only the Islamosphere is Evil. The West is the Good Guy on the Stage of World History. Those people over there are under judgment. Not us. Thus did the kingdom of Judah bolster its spirits about its superiority to the kingdom of Israel as Nebuchadnezzar’s troops arrayed themselves in siege formations around Jerusalem. [Read more...]

Fr. Rob Johansen’s Big Mistake …is failing to call for the cold-blooded murder of abortionist. If he did that, he could live somewhere in Alabama, where he had been ordered to shut up by his bishop after having his faculties removed, and *still* Newsday would manage to find and quote him as a “Catholic priest”. [Read More...]

Show me a culture that despises virginity… …and I’ll show you a culture that despises children. [Read more...]

First I’ve heard the Orthodox are Having Trouble with This Bully for the ROC! [Read more...]

Boy the way Joe Stalin slayed! Marches made the Hit Parade! Volk like us we had it made! Those were the days! [Read more...]

Another Priest Treats Intelligent People like Cattle I’ve had to endure a few of these patronizing homilies myself at our old parish. Victor, now that you are rested, write that letter. Priests need to hear about it when they talk to laity as though we are dolts. [Read more...]

As I prophesied The New York Times thoughtfully protected you fragile dears from knowing about Priests for Celibacy. Truth? You can’t handle the truth! Just to be clear: I don’t have a dog in this fight. As I’ve said, I’m fine either way with what the Church chooses to do about celibacy. What bugs me [Read More...]

Disco Still Sucks [Read more...]

Amy Beat me to it But I found this article by Greeley an intriguing mix of interesting observation and utter cluelessness. Yes, it’s true that much of the festival aspect has been drained from feast days (though we still do a decent job in our Dominican parish since Dominicans know how to party). But honestly, [Read More...]

Why Exactly is this “News”? I’m waiting for the headline that says, “High School Students Find Summer Vacation Preferable to School” or “Poll Finds Prosperity Preferable to Starvation”. [Read more...]

The Desert Camouflage Hat! Worn by our troops in Iraq! Does this photo of Partay Aneemal Ninnies juxtaposed with real heroes strike anybody else as nincompoopish in the extreme! Like an ad for “Napalm Barbecue Starter!” or “Cool Prosthetic Limbs! Worn by Real Veterans!” No. I won’t give the link. I don’t want to direct [Read More...]