The Invaluable Secret Agent Man remarks on Ridley Scott’s proposed film on the Crusades He says his movie is going to also be about “the actual misrepresentation of the Holy Roman Empire by the Catholic church, which was in those times seriously corrupt.” In other words “gotta have Protestant / Secular America there in metaphor, [Read More...]

Cliche bonanza! Scroll down to “latest news”. You get ‘frail pope’, a ‘Vatican crackdown’, and a ‘Vatican rebuke’ all in one nifty news links bundle! [Read more...]

Anti-semites infiltrate Israeli military (at least, according to the logic of some who equate any difficulties with Israeli treatment of Palestinians with anti-semitism). [Read more...]

Haloscan Checks Into Betty Ford Clinic It had hysterics and fell off the wagon when Bennifer broke up. No word yet on when it will be clean and sober. [Read more...]

Who knew? Madonna has a “thought world”? If you listened in, you’d hear a sound that you took at first for a busy signal and then you’d realize, to your horror, it was a voice saying, “memememememememememememememememe…….” [Read more...]

Don’t forget Terri She’s not in a coma, not in a persistent vegetative state. She’s merely unable to defend herself from powerful murderers–and most people are okay with that. Remember, O Boomer who yawns at this judicial act of cold-blooded murder: Someday *you* are going to be the rich but incontinent old fart who is [Read More...]

Middle EarthEast Politics Explained! [Read more...]

“I firmly believe — and I altogether deny it is na├»ve to believe it — that the vast majority of men and women secretly want to believe that the Catholic Church is truly the revelation of the authority and power of God. People seem unable to simply ignore the claims of the Church. They attack [Read More...]

From our “It’s the Culture Stupid” files I’m beginning to think our culture expends such massive amounts of outrage at pervert priests because we hope we will thereby atone for our complicity in making people like this rich and adored during the other 23:55 hours of the day. “See! I’m not an accomplice to a [Read More...]

Drat! [Read more...]

How not to be “prophetic” I get tons of email. Heaps and gobs of it. And, as you would expect, I get tons of email from people who both support and oppose the war in Iraq. I don’t ask for it. It just comes. People appoint me to mailing lists without so much as a [Read More...]

Episcopal spine alert [Read more...]