Another Priest Treats Intelligent People like Cattle I’ve had to endure a few of these patronizing homilies myself at our old parish. Victor, now that you are rested, write that letter. Priests need to hear about it when they talk to laity as though we are dolts. [Read more...]

As I prophesied The New York Times thoughtfully protected you fragile dears from knowing about Priests for Celibacy. Truth? You can’t handle the truth! Just to be clear: I don’t have a dog in this fight. As I’ve said, I’m fine either way with what the Church chooses to do about celibacy. What bugs me [Read More...]

Disco Still Sucks [Read more...]

Amy Beat me to it But I found this article by Greeley an intriguing mix of interesting observation and utter cluelessness. Yes, it’s true that much of the festival aspect has been drained from feast days (though we still do a decent job in our Dominican parish since Dominicans know how to party). But honestly, [Read More...]

Why Exactly is this “News”? I’m waiting for the headline that says, “High School Students Find Summer Vacation Preferable to School” or “Poll Finds Prosperity Preferable to Starvation”. [Read more...]

The Desert Camouflage Hat! Worn by our troops in Iraq! Does this photo of Partay Aneemal Ninnies juxtaposed with real heroes strike anybody else as nincompoopish in the extreme! Like an ad for “Napalm Barbecue Starter!” or “Cool Prosthetic Limbs! Worn by Real Veterans!” No. I won’t give the link. I don’t want to direct [Read More...]

Now: Imagine a sports headline that says “Wolverines Gas and Incinerate Brandeis” Anti-Catholicism: the Last Acceptable Bigotry [Read more...]

Nutty priest lionizes Paul Hill “Abortion doctors commit premeditated, cold-blooded murder 10 or 20 times a day,” said the Rev. David Trosch, a Catholic priest from Mobile, Ala. “What Paul Hill did was absolutely justified. It was not murder. It was taking the life of a murderer who intended to commit further murders.” Where’s this [Read More...]

Moral: Don’t return long distance phone calls from total strangers [Read more...]

Episcopal Spine Alert! Another bishop with a backbone. Nice to see. [Read more...]

This should be interesting One of the members of the Majoring in Minors Brigade has a “Nixon in ’62″ moment of sour grapes over head scarves and writes, “So anyway, along with Al I congratulate the pluralists on yet another successful purge. We’ll all see what sort of world you leave behind for our kids, [Read More...]

“Chucky”? Africa, the wealthiest continent on the planet, continues its noble quest to share the riches of their vastly advanced economy with random people in the West. SEEKING YOUR ASSISTANCE IN THE INVESTMENT OF $ 8,200,000.00 SIR, I AM CHUCKY TAYLOR THE ELDEST SON OF FORMAL PRESIDENT OF LIBERIA MR CHARLES TAYLOR.MY FATHER WAS FORCED [Read More...]