Quite possibly the most vile thing the Dems have done this election I eagerly await some Kerry supporter who will explain to me about how the Dems are the party of the underdog, the disenfranchised, the powerless and the weak. Shame on whoever did this. Shame on whoever thinks it’s funny. May God damn this [Read More...]


Mostly Ignorant Catholics Write NY Times It turns out Kerry is the true pro-life candidate and bishops have no right to tell Catholics what the Church teaches. Read and feel your brain atrophy. “My mind is going Dave. I can feel it. I can… feel it.” [Read more...]


Some people failed to get Michael Novak’s memo about the universal longing for liberty Not a few people would very much prefer to be tagged like sheep. After all, an extremely powerful alliance of business, science, and political power will always want to take care of us and would never hurt or exploit us. It’s [Read More...]


Absolute Idiot (Who Was Right About WMDs) Says “War Stimulated Terrorism” What does *he* know? And besides, he’s European. So there! [Read more...]


I’m having lunch with Dale Ahlquist today! He’s the President of the American Chesterton Society and a thoroughly jolly man! He spoke for our G.K. Chesterton Society meeting last night and rocked the house with a fun analysis of the election from a Chestertonian viewpoint. Neither Bush nor Kerry come out looking so hot. One [Read More...]


A reader writes: While I was out walking the dog and talking with God last night the following idea occurred to me. In the context of your upcoming election, why not launch a prayer campaign via the blogs, perhaps in the form on a Novena, to pray for what you really want, by which I [Read More...]


Cardinal George on Pro-Abort Pols and the Eucharist [Read more...]


A reader writes: Have you ever taken the task of writing about infant baptism? I am running into a brick wall with my Southern Baptist friend who says that infants can not be baptized because they have not reached an age of accountability, (where is THAT in scripture?) plus, he says that the water and [Read More...]


More of Saddam’s Victims Unearthed Horrible. [Read more...]


Santorum: More Republican than Catholic [Read more...]