To the 50 or so folks who have contributed to Pledge Week so far or promised funds to come by snail mail: “Thanks from the bottom of my heart!” To the other 7000 folks who visited the blog over the past two days and enjoyed C&EI;: Please: don’t let a few people do all the [Read More...]

Keen observation “The officers said they could tell immediately he was not the Pontiff as the inebriated man was in his 50s.” Remember: the Dutch are way smarter and more sophisticated than you. [Read more...]

Beneficiaries of France’s Nation-Building Expertise Continue Little Tiff [Read more...]

Virus alert Just got this from a computer geek friend of mine: A friend of mine was just hit with a virus that hijacked his email address book and sent copies of itself to everyone he knows. My Virus protection caught the problem and did not let it through. This virus comes in as an [Read More...]

Times Against Humanity… is more optimistic than I am that Rome’s calls for tightening up liturgical discipline will have a big effect. I hope I’m wrong. [Read more...]

Is it just me or are no Blogger links working? Any way to get my links to work again? [Read more...]

Sherry Weddell writes with some good news I just returned from 10 days in Atlanta and want to spread the good news. Of the 51 dioceses that I have worked in so far, Atlanta has to be the healthiest. A spiritual renewal has transformed the dioceses over the past 10 years but it has yet [Read More...]

Fidel Castro+Gray Davis=Hugo Chavez [Read more...]

Lately I’m seeing the Media is Pulling Out the Tried and True American Inferiority Complex Ploy So we get stuff like this and this. All this stuff that you simple-minded ruffians in your buckskins and coonskin caps are so upset about is just old hat for sophisticated Euros and their dominions. It makes for amusing [Read More...]

Sir Elton Goes Franciscan [Read more...]

Har de har har My guess is that these guys set the teeth of serious Jews on edge as much as the clever fluff brains behind the “Catholic Girl’s Guide to Sex” irritate and offend serious Catholics. The flippant disregard, not only for the commandment to not take God’s name in vain, but for Kiddush [Read More...]

For my countless legions of Polish-speaking readers… And if you want it in English, it’s here. [Read more...]