Sullivan: Dishonest or Fool? Sullivan screams that the bishops are irresponsible. Conservatives ask bishops to take responsibility. Result: Sullivan gets upset. Why? Because if the bishops *really* took responsibility, they would begin to do something about abusive gay priests and to stand up for the Church’s teaching on homosexuality. That threatens l’il willie. So Sullivan [Read More...]

From the pages of Epivalothanasia . . . Contributing editor Pamela Hennessy of the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation brings us the latest news from Ground Zero in the fight to save Terri: As you may already know, a hearing is scheduled for Thursday, September 11, 2003, at the courthouse in Clearwater, Florida. This hearing is to [Read More...]

Interesting new site on “Evangelical Catholicism” [Read more...]

Fr. Rob Johansen on the Big Meeting Also, here a piece by the good padre on The Bishop’s Disciplinary Options [Read more...]

Common Sense from Wendy McElroy And, at the far opposite end of the common sense scale, there’s this loony scheme for color coding air travelers. How about we start by just exempting all the blue-haired old Lutheran ladies from Minnesota right now. We could then ease on to exempting six-year old Presbyterian girls from Kansas. [Read More...]

Lawyers Declare End of Period of National Mourning and Unity Now it’s back to vampirism as usual. [Read more...]

Another proud moment for the prolife movement [Read more...]

These bishops showed “no resistance,” Mr. George said, to conservatives’ pleas to “call the evil by name” in terms of the clergy’s sexual-abuse crisis. Well, yes. Showing “no resistance” is what jelly usually does. The question is, will they move from showing “no resistance” to what was said to *doing* anything about it, particularly when [Read More...]

Nice piece on Ave Maria College [Read more...]

The Curt Jester Kills Me [Read more...]

Greg Popcak files his first report on the Big Meeting with the bishops Not as negative as Leon Podles take, but not glowing either. Oh, and it turns out George Weigel and Fr. Neuhaus were invited, but couldn’t make it. One wonders if they intuited that it would not be time well-spent. [Read more...]

Jeremy Lott on Reptile Republican Money Whores Who Don’t Give a Rip About Human Life AKA “fiscally conservative/socially liberal” Their only saving grace is that they are passive about abortion rather than active zealots for the Sacrament of Abortion. Some comfort. [Read more...]