Our culture has now reached the point where this man, not the people who can’t be bothered to help him, is considered “selfish” by our elites and the manufacturers of TV culture [Read more...]


Ex-Gays: The Most Reviled People in the World …except, perhaps for Survivors of Abortion who now oppose abortion. They threaten the culture of death like nobody else. [Read more...]


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Ahnuld Okays Pedophile Protection Act What’s good for Planned Parenthood is good for California. Heute California, Morgen die Welt! [Read more...]


The WaPo Continues to Buck the MSM Trend by Profiling the Warm, Brave, Wise, Noble, Loving, Smart, Salty, and Gosh Darn it! *Beautiful* Lives of the Homosexuals in our Midst When are you people going to wake up and realize the incredible gift that is homosexuality? My eyes well up with tears to think of [Read More...]


How the White House Embraced Disputed Arms Intelligence The Intellectual Greenhouse Effect [Read more...]


I’m willing to help anybody who can create the headline “Behold, the SPAM of God!” A reader writes: I’m a veteran of non-denominational-bible-church-ism, Reformed Presbyterianism, and Episcopalianism. I’ve been reading your excellent blog for many months now; it’s one of the instruments I believe God is using to draw me to Rome. Recently a Catholic [Read More...]


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