Your note about the approved details of that movie with the wicked screensaver are taking over the Internet I’ve gotten about 50 million versions of this same piece of virus-laden junkmail. [Read more...]

The Biblical Authors Didn’t Know What They Were Talking About! Neither did any of the Council Father from any of the 21 Ecumenical Councils! Wanna know why? Cuz the Holy Spirit was behind all the enterprises and so was speaking mysteries and leading the Church in ways that the human beings involved could not guess. [Read More...]

Che Guevara: He’s Dreamy “Nobody should care about an actor’s opinion on politics.” – James Caan “Just remember who shot Lincoln.” – Spencer Tracy [Read more...]

Fr. Bryce Sibley Continues his Chronicle of the Odd [Read more...]

Journalist Ruefully Ponders the Fate of Yet Another Endangered Species Once modern culture has nearly stamped out all but the most tepid expressions of Christian belief, it can afford to magnanimously wonder if the passage from the scene of this strange and dangerous breed is altogether a good thing. Perhaps, like the smallpox virus, a [Read More...]

The Ticking Testosterone Bomb in China Stories like this remind us of the wonders that the Chinese One Child Policy will soon unleash on the world as a generation of young men with absolutely no hope of finding a mate (since they were all killed) seek for creative ways to express all that pent up [Read More...]

Hey don’t blame us… …blame your murderous co-religionists that make such searches and privacy necessary. Deal with it. [Read more...]

So far my reader can’t be jailed by Tolerance Gestapo for expressing this opinion Last Sunday, a gentleman with a petition approached my neighbor and me stating: “Cincinnati has a portion of its charter that says you can fire someone or deny them housing simply because they’re gay. Do you think that’s fair?” He was [Read More...]

A thoughtful letter from a friend who fills me with hope for the Church I just had a conversation with a Franciscan priest at my parish yesterday – one that left me with a bad aftertaste. We were talking about social justice issues, which he’s going to be teaching a class on this fall, and [Read More...]

My Latest on Catholic Exchange [Read more...]

Now Hear This! Part of functioning in cyberspace is that a certain percentage of stuff people put in your comments is bound to be kooky. I have some people with a kooky notion that monarchy is The Way to Go. Fine. Harmless enough. I have some folks reading my blog who think “Say! She’s got [Read More...]

A reader sends along this link and this reminiscence: I grew up in Colby Kansas when I was a kid. It truly is flatter than flat. In Northwest Kansas there is very little precipitation and there are no trees except where they have been planted – maybe along a creek bed (if you can find [Read More...]