A reader writes: I’m glad to see someone else say that we’re unlikely to find extraterrestrial life anytime soon, and connect it to the lack of faith. In the Smithsonian’s Air & Space Museum, there’s an exhibit on “The Planets” with a kiosk running a video about extraterrestrials. In it, several scientists agree that it’s [Read More...]


Well, the really important thing is that nobody in this photo has their hands raised Fr. Bryce is a kind of genius for finding stuff like this. [Read more...]


Like Cruella DeVille getting a facelift The Hemlock Society want to project the warm and fuzzy side of murdering people. [Read more...]


Because his pulverized corpse is currently making its contribution to the subterranean ecosystem of Tora Bora, that’s why. ‘E’s not hidin’! ‘E’s passed on! This terrorist is no more! He has ceased to be! ‘E’s expired and gone to meet ‘is maker! ‘E’s a stiff! Bereft of life, ‘e rests in peace! If you hadn’t [Read More...]


A reader asks… concerning my various arguments for the validity of the Catholic canon of Scripture in By What Authority? and “Five Myths about Seven Books“: The one thing I don’t recall you discussing in “B.W.A.” is Luke 11:51 and Matt 23:25. Those are the verses where Jesus says “from the blod of Abel to [Read More...]


Delicious! Gotta love an article by the preternaturally stupid Richard Dawkins, attempting to hype the “bright” meme, that begins: Richard Dawkins defends the godless amoung [sic] us. [an error occurred while processing this directive] I tremble in awe before the brightness of it all! [Read more...]


I sure am glad it was us Good Guys who supported the Forced Sterilization of Peruvians… and not those Islamofascists who are under God’s judgement. Since we are not under God’s judgment, we could do things to poor women against their will that, if Muslims did it, would be wrong and evil. But since we [Read More...]


Of course it did A reader writes: I just called the office of Univ. of Detroit-Mercy pres. Sr. Maureen Fay. The Call to Action conf., “Women of Faith/Healthy Dissent” went ahead as planned at the university on Sat., Sept. 13. Changing the habitual deference of bishops to the loudest chancery rat with an ideology is [Read More...]


Answer: Yes, earthly religion will survive such an encounter just fine Finding life on other planets would pose no problem for any of the Great Western religious traditions. It would simply mean “God made life on other rocks.” Finding intelligent life would not post much more trouble. Indeed, Judaism, Christianity and Islam all include among [Read More...]


Good Morning! It’s Day 1 of the Quarterly Catholic and Enjoying It! Pledge Week If you like what you read here, please help keep an emphatically lower middle class writer solvent so he can keep bringing you the weird combination of offbeat humor, theological ramblings, ecclesial and civil politics, and various cultural ephemera that you’ve [Read More...]


David Alexander v. Novus Ordo Watch [Read more...]


Yer blog roundup on Canadian gay agitprop agitations and political stuff Here , here, and here. [Read more...]