Teen Girl Squad Bible! I’m doing a topical study on whether Mary Magdalene was Cheerleader, Whatsherface, So and So, or the Ugly One. [Read more...]


The Usual Homily The delightful Fr. Phil Bloom synthesizes all the pablum you’ve ever heard dribble from a homilist’s mouth into one gigantic AmChurch cliche. For some samples of what *real* homilies should be, surf around elsewhere on his excellent site. [Read more...]


Steve Taylor on Art vs. Ministry This is an article that tends to resonate more for Evangelicals than for Catholics. However, as more and more lay Catholics begin to see themselves as lay apostles and not merely as recipients of the ministrations of the ordained, Taylor may well be of service to them. [Read more...]


A reader writes: In response to your call for good priests, please consider Fr. Nabil Mouannes, a Maronite priest who also has faculties to celebrate the sacraments in the Latin rite. (Note especially the Curriculum section for his background.) And here is the web site of the Maronite church Fr. Mouannes is the pastor of. [Read More...]


Comment Box Denizen Tom Round Starts Contributing to a Blog! At the link above, he performs the autopsy on Katha Pollitt’s failed attempt to achieve escape velocity from the gravitational pull of leftist stupidity. [Read more...]


“Society evolved” Words worthy of Pontius Pilate. Let us pray that Canada not cross this Rubicon. [Read more...]


There’s still time to save Terri [Read more...]


Good Things are Happening as Well You heard last week about the CTA conference coming up in the Archdiocese of Detroit (no word yet on whether they’ll get the Russian ballerina for that). What you haven’t heard is that there is a Call to Holiness conference the same week. Why not go if you live [Read More...]


American Association for Liturgical Dance in Negotiations with Russian Ballerina Sr. Orbis Rotunda expressed hope that Ms. Volochkova (pictured below) would be available to dance the “Butterfly of the Resurrection” and the “Cosmic Mother Christ Brings Forth Gaia from the Womb of Being” for the next Call to Action presentation before the bishops of the [Read More...]


America the Biblically and Theologically Illiterate [Read more...]


Pleeeeeeze Can We Torture? Everybody Else is Doing it! A member of the chattering class does his bit to snip away at another little piece of our souls. Of course, that’s okay, cuz we’re the Good Guys. Everything we do is made okay by the fact that we do it, cuz we’re Good Guys, so [Read More...]


Bin Laden is Dead, Dead, Dead [Read more...]