Iraqis and Palestinians Feel the Love [Read more...]

St. Blog’s Parishioner Continues his Campaign for Office in Canada Publishes Incorrect Thoughts. No word on whether he will be arrested for Hate Speech by the Tolerance Gestapo yet. [Read more...]

From our “Unecessary Headline Subtitles” Dept. [Read more...]

Barb Nicolosi is refreshingly direct Barbara Hall, on Joan of Arcadia: I’m Catholic, but the show’s not Catholic. Joan isn’t Catholic. God isn’t Catholic. Barbara Nicolosi: The hell He isn’t. Fern, the Shocked Postmodernist Commenter: Wow, God’s a Catholic? Does he go to mass, too? Barb Nicolosi: Absolutely. He’s the Host. [Read more...]

Check out the Catholic Company adlink on the left rail Buy many things. Enrich my democratic capitalist, Rerum Novarum-lovin’ purse so that I can buy milk for my kids. Also, use my Amazon link for all your media needs. But buy my books and tapes at my website, so I get all the money and [Read More...]

The great thing about backward Third World countries… …is that they aren’t saddled with all those laws against exploiting workers that arose in nations with a Christian heritage. So people devoted to the naked worship of mammon can return to the 19th Century ideals of laissez faire capitalism that were so rudely interrupted by people [Read More...]

Donald Rumsfeld Says Rush Limbaugh is Wrong Conservative punditocracy in chaos. [Read more...]

Fr. Todd Reitmeyer writes: People seemed to enjoy hearing about seminarian life so much it seemed to be waste to give it up because I am ordained. Now that I am no longer qualified to post in that category I had to find some new blood. We got a couple who are just getting up [Read More...]

Victim Dies Reconciled with Church I think this guy was heroic. God rest his soul. It’s amazing the strange paths we walk and even more amazing how the Holy Spirit directs them toward God. [Read more...]

More great priests Reader One writes: Thanks for asking people to tell you about the great priests they know–it’s really inspirational. I work at a college attached to an Abbey, and there are so many really great priests there that it’s hard for me to pick one out, but I thought I’d just send along [Read More...]

Slate suggests that Jesus was not the only Jew involved in the Crucifixion Saying that Jewish authorities in Jerusalem and many contemporary Jews were hostile to Jesus and the apostles is not saying, “All Jews everywhere are guilty of the death of Christ.” It’s making an obvious historical observation. It would be nice to blame [Read More...]

The Frank and Open Worship of Mammon The avarice is so naked it’s almost refreshing in it’s honesty. Of course, since the guy’s a *black* whore for money you can’t call him a disgusting traitor to the gospel. That would be to treat a leader in the black community as an adult and not an [Read More...]