Like Pulling Teeth An atheist ever-so-grudgingly acknowledges that there just might be something like “design” and “purpose” involved in the creation of the universe, which comes dangerously close to admitting the possibility of You Know Who. I don’t have the strength of will it takes to be a dogmatic atheist. There’s so much common sense [Read More...]

Sobran on Kerry Nice little takedown on the Faux Catholic whose thinking is formed by Mass., not Mass. [Read more...]

Stanley Kurtz on the Liberal Brownshirts This is a real and growing phenomenon. I was talking with a friend the other day who was remarking on some neighbor of his whose house has been repeatedly vandalized and the Bush/Cheney sign torn down. Virtually all this sort of violence seems to be directed against Bushies. [Read more...]

Reason #93485734334535 to Homeschool May God protect our children from such monsters. [Read more...]

From our Chutzpah Dept. “Someone who lies about the little things will lie about the big things too.” – Democratic Party chairman and Clintonoid Terry McAuliffe [Read more...]

I Was Purposely Driven to link this piece [Read more...]

“No amount of health insurance, of support for religious freedom in other countries, of ways to end the conflict in the Middle East, or of AIDS drugs will protect us from the short- and long-term consequences of supporting candidates who will not protect life and marriage.” James Kushiner speaks the unvarnished and plain truth in [Read More...]

French Make a Desert and Call it “Peace” Won’t work. Supernature abhors a vacuum. If you try to eradicate all religious symbols from the public square and turn France into one vast and sterile IKEA store, it will all come roaring back at you courtesy of Muslims whose religion is more important to them than [Read More...]

Adherents of Religion of Peace Attack Catholics at Mass in Indonesia Gee, this happens a lot. Weird coincidence, no doubt. [Read more...]

“Once reliably Democratic, Catholics have become one of the most complicated and coveted swing voting blocs.” That’s the key sentence to remember in this NY Times attempt at portraying the Catholic turn from Kerry as a “pox on both your houses!” story. [Read more...]