Squeezing the Last Drops Out of Summer and Breathing Deep the Autumn God has made us for delight. One of the signs of this is summer. Another is children. Still another is fall. My wife and I are taking our children off on a long-planned and promised Scout campout this weekend. We’ll be over on [Read More...]


Let Terayza Be Terayza! Loud, firm, and wrong! Her prediction of Osama’s capture is political suicide. Even *if* the Bushies had the guy on ice and were going to spring him as an October Surprise, do you think they’d do it now? But, of course, the Bushies don’t have him. Why? He’s dead and he’s [Read More...]


Hey Ramesh Ponnuru and/or Kathryn Lopez! If you are out there and reading this, could you tell your email technoid guy that for some reason my emails to youse guys are bouncing. I hope it’s a glitch. Of course, it may be my breath… I suspect it’s not just your addresses. I bet it would [Read More...]


From our “9/10 Liberals in a 9/11 World” Dept. Pointy Headed Experts in Tweed Detect Dangerous Christian Anti-Semitism in The Passion of the Christ No word yet on when they will detect dangerous Islamic anti-semitism in the PLO, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, etc. etc. etc. [Read more...]


Fr. Rob Johansen has the latest news from the Schindlers on their struggle to save their daughter Terri’s life [Read more...]


The beheadings are horrible, but what worries me most is the DVD sales. [Read more...]


Ceili Rain (fronted by my friend Bob Halligan, Jr.) gets a nice write up in Billboard Billboard Picks – Album Picks September 25, 2004, Change in Your Pocket Ceili Rain creates music that is thought-provoking and smile-inducing. The talented sextet has built a rabid following by touring the world, from Rome to Syracuse, N.Y. This [Read More...]


Al-Reutera: As a matter of fact, we are cowards and we do skew our reportage to appease Foaming Bronze Age Fanatics Old Media continues to feel the impact of New Media’s Power of the Fisk. [Read more...]


The Martyrdom of Andrew Greeley I’d take him more seriously if he had the courage to challenge his friends as well as his enemies. A Chicago Yellow Dog Democrat courageously tells his Yellow Dog Democrat friends he opposes the war. Quelle courage! Let’s see a serious column telling the Dems to break their slavish devotion [Read More...]


Greg Popcak is Asking Youse Guys for a Favor I need to ask you a favor, and I hope you don’t mind. I am developing a psychometric survey to assess Catholic Lived Religion. Essentially, “Lived Religion” is defined in the psychology of religion literature as the “daily life and spirituality of religious people.” In particular, [Read More...]