Sandra Miesel …will be speaking at the International Institute for Culture, Ivy Hall, 6331 Lancaster Ave. Philadelphia on Friday October 8 at 7:30 PM on “The Da Vinci Code: Fiction Mutilating Fact.” For more information, go to [Read more...]

Thomas Aquinas on ET Someday, I’m gonna write a sort of anti-SF novel in which we explore what happens when the sciences discover a universe that is… empty of created intelligent life (except for us and the angels). As many of you know, I think, for modern westerners, aliens occupy the mental and emotional niche [Read More...]

I look forward to Cheney’s debate with the Talking Hairdo Favorite Cheney quote re: Edwards: “I think he’s cute as a button.” [Read more...]

Liberal Brownshirts on the March! Imagine if this had happened twice to Kerry campaign headquarters. There’s something in Leftism that loves violence. When they start to lose, they are like clowns with machine guns: kind of funny, kind of scary. [Read more...]

Bremer Criticizes Troop Levels No word yet on when he will be indicted for treason. In case you can’t tell, I’m increasingly puzzled by the logic of “You can’t criticize a sitting President’s judgments in time of war.” If that’s so, then how do you fix something if a sitting President makes a bad call? [Read more...]

Krenn’s replacement is on the way So far, the replacement bishops for slimeballs have generally been pretty good. We’ll see what happens this time. I expect Cdl. Schoenborn will have his finger on the pulse of this appointment pretty vigilantly. [Read more...]

John Kerry believe that innocent human life begins at conception and that innocent human beings should be put to death so that Teresa Heinz-Kerry and the Baby Boomers can look and feel younger That, in plain language, is what the man advocates under his twaddle about “extremists” who have no problem with stem cell research [Read More...]

Athanasius writes me! No, not *that* Athanasius, the one at Summa Contra Mundum. He sez: I don’t often beg for publicity, but I think that this opportunity merits it. My fine, wonderful, faithful pastor, Fr. Thomas Loya, has started a radio show on AM 820 (Relevant Radio’s station) in Chicago (11:30am Sundays) in which he [Read More...]

More Evidence for My Notion that the Pre-War White House was not “Lying” but was Suffering from a Sort of Intellectual Greenhouse Effect Well, we’re there now and we must not bug out on the Iraqis. It’s one more reason I distrust Kerry. I can’t help but get the impression that his #1 priority is [Read More...]

Forget about Abortion, Stem Cell Research, and Gay Marriage Pat Robertson has found his core non-negotiable issue. [Read more...]