A Colorful Evangelical’s Pithy Sayings Preserved by His Students Click on the quotes link. I love profs like this. [Read more...]


The Great Enema Continues [Read more...]


I side with the girl. Sometimes Jewish kids go to Catholic schools. (Hey! They’re good schools! If you want your kid to get a good education and there aren’t other options, you take what you can get.) If some Jewish kid wore a yarmulkah to a Catholic school I daresay the school wouldn’t forbid it. [Read More...]


Ya think? [Read more...]


Speaking of eternal matters MCJ on Anglicanism and Star Trek. [Read more...]


Heavee! “How old is Tin Tin?” My children ponder eternal questions. [Read more...]


A reader asks: Can you point to some way an ordinary catholic can or should forgive someone’s sins against a third party? I am really quite surprised to hear so many Catholic deny the principle that the Catholic sacrament of confession presupposes: that sins hurt the whole body of Christ, not just the individual sinned [Read More...]


The pleasure of being a Christian Vigilante You get to know the very mind of God and the state of a man’s soul, to lick one’s lips in trembling delight over the suffering of those we hate, and to rejoice over the (assumed) damnation of a human being: “He’s dead, and in hell. The 150 [Read More...]


The person who came here searching for “Medved sadistic legs” can just keep on moving [Read more...]


Okey doke. Got the Blogmatrix RSS code and other stuff Check the left margin, O You Who Are Interested. [Read more...]


Whatever The bishops have the liturgical fidgets. We’ve already implemented some of this stuff here in Seattle. Most especially stupid was the directive to stand after communion “for the sake of unity.” Of course, people don’t really want to stand, but they will if they *have* to. Sensing the resentment at the “Peter, try experiments [Read More...]


I can be even more pedantic A Jewish commenter makes the common mistake of confusing Marcionism with Catholic teaching. Not surprising since so many Catholics do too. Supersessionism and the idea that the Old Testament is somehow revoked by the New is a big no-no in Catholic teaching. “They are Israelites, and to them belong [Read More...]