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The Perfect Candidate Schwarzenegger as the future of the Republican Party. Think of them as Democrats with a head for business. [Read more...]

Solution: Decriminalize Murder and Organize State-Sponsored Support Groups for Those Burdened By Guilt about This Irrational Taboo Against Offing Your Loved Ones Team S.N.U.F.F: “We’re Victims Too!” [Read more...]

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If Greg Popcak is right, then one thing that might help is sustained loud noise A CALL TO ACTION EVENT AT A DETROIT CATHOLIC COLLEGE. A Call to Action event: Sept. 13 – Women of Conscience: What Does Healthy Dissent in the Church Look Like? National Coalition of American Nuns daylong conference. Anita Caspary, Agnes [Read More...]

The Passion Looks Okay to Some Cardinal People will undoubtedly take this to mean “Rome defines dogma that Gibson’s film is inspired. Orders all Catholics to see it. Endorses Hutton Gibson’s Conspiracy Theories. Calls for pogrom against International Jewry”. What it really means is “The Passion Looks Okay to Some Cardinal” [Read more...]

Fascinating thread over at Amy’s What interests me about it is how truly the stories being told there resonate with my own experience. People whose minds perpetually swim in the shallow waters of the political are frequently baffled by what keeps Catholics Catholic. As though the thing that keeps people in the Church is the [Read More...]

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All the anger, grief, and rage is still so close to the surface I still weep over that day. [Read more...]

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They can call it “Skynet”! “Linge said he was well aware of the potential implication for civil liberties of the intrusive potential of the new technology, but at present he was focusing only on the technical aspects.” Funny. Reminds me of the career of this man. Gather round while I sing you of Wernher von [Read More...]