Should the Bible Be Taught in Public Schools? My latest on Catholic Exchange. [Read more...]

Catholic University Administrators Perform Self-Castration At least Origen did it for the love of God. At least Richard Rich did it for the beautiful land of Wales. These guys do it for federal funding and more cubicle space. [Read more...]

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There Once was a Priest from Nantucket Greg Popcak does his bit to enrich the Church’s literary treasure trove. He needs your help for more poetic entries. [Read more...]

Followup to Last Week’s Great Homily on Homosexuality The priest is in Port Angeles, not Seattle, I discover. [Read more...]

In contrast to the revolting school of Country Club Social Engineering… here is a piece on why we need the needy. Guaranteed to drive anti-bleeding heart Freepers mad. [Read more...]

One of those places where Catholic Faith and a great deal of “Money First” conservatism clash I daresay a certain percentage of my readers will be cheering for this act of naked brutality and evil since it’s committed against members of the Lower Orders and helps suburban people sleep secure in the knowledge that their [Read More...]

Culture Clash Big discussion over at Amy’s blog about the priest who got axed after it was discovered he had had sex with a 14 year old girl and continued the affair for many years. In the course of the conversation Sandra Miesel remarked, “It ought to be mentioned that the canonical age of consent [Read More...]

Here’s an interesting logic problem for Dems [Read more...]

Therapeutic Evangelicalism I’ve noted before that many Evangelicals are suckers for therapeutic theology. “For Those Tears I Died” wrote lesbian Evangelical Marsha Stevens. and it’s a big hit still today. Trouble is, it’s a dangerously ambiguous thing to say and Evangelicals who want to be “open and affirming” are fuddled by the inability to distinguish [Read More...]

A reader asks Maybe you and/or your readers can help me (and all your readers) by recommending some lay institutes or formation groups. Many in my area are members of Regnum Christi, which is associated with the Legionaires of Christ. I respect the Legionaires and they do a lot of good work, but Regnum Christi [Read More...]

Gay Sex: It’s all about Love No. Really. Imagine a convention of, say, gun enthusiasts. Now imagine that the convention of gun enthusiasts has big warnings posted all over the convention saying, “Remember: It is illegal to hunt human beings!” Wouldn’t you feel just a little nervous about that gathering and what the general culture [Read More...]