Pope Continues to Completely Defy Easy Categorization… …while supplying more ammo to ideological critics. Vatican Seeks to Introduce New Principle to U.N. Charter “Humanitarian Intervention” Would Protect Unarmed Civilians The great thing about this latest move is that people who are determined to call him a Kneejerk Pacifist can keep doing so (despite the fact [Read More...]


Citizens United Resisting Euthanasia Continues the Good Fight for Terri Schiavo and all those threatened by the Culture of Death [Read more...]


It’s About Abortion, Stupid The Democrats are likely to lose the Catholic vote in November—and John Kerry could well lose the election as a result. It’s about abortion, stupid. And “choice,” make no mistake, is killing the Democratic Party. A refreshing and rare dose of common sense from the Mainstream Media. [Read more...]


The Materialist Secular West Cannot Remain Spiritually Neutral Supernature abhors a vacuum. When you banish God, you don’t simply embrace neutrality. You simply make room for the demonic. And one of the surest signs of the presence of the demonic in a culture is an insane desire to harm innocent children. Given that our own [Read More...]


Old Oligarch notice the same distraction tactic at work in the pages of America… …and provides an enjoyable rebuttal of their latest bit of agitprop for the Democratic party’s fanatical support for the Sacrament of Abortion. [Read more...]


NCR Waves its Hands Furiously and Shouts “Look! Halley’s Comet!” …at Catholics who are repelled by the record of a man who has a 100% record of voting to support the slaughter of 40 million innocent children. Such people are “partisan” doncha know. [Read more...]


A reader asks: As a Catholic parent of inquisitive 5- and 6-year-olds and regular reader of your blog, I’m wondering whether you might be able to recommend good age-appropriate books on the lives of the saints. Also curious what saints you might put at the top of the list for educated Christians to be at [Read More...]


Patrick O’Hannigan writes on bloggishness… …and becomes the only known columnist to examine the little-known connection between Dan Rather and Jonathan Livingston Seagull, while twisting the lyrics of several Watergate-era songs. The musical comedy potential of Rathergate is, as yet, a vast untapped natural resource. [Read more...]


Squeezing the Last Drops Out of Summer and Breathing Deep the Autumn God has made us for delight. One of the signs of this is summer. Another is children. Still another is fall. My wife and I are taking our children off on a long-planned and promised Scout campout this weekend. We’ll be over on [Read More...]


Let Terayza Be Terayza! Loud, firm, and wrong! Her prediction of Osama’s capture is political suicide. Even *if* the Bushies had the guy on ice and were going to spring him as an October Surprise, do you think they’d do it now? But, of course, the Bushies don’t have him. Why? He’s dead and he’s [Read More...]