But They Did Harrass that Menacing Little Korean Nun in Full Habit at O’Hare … so I feel safer. [Read more...]


One of the happy things about human beings… is that they can also screw up the devil’s agendas by their chaotic emotional conflicts, appetites, and even attacks of conscience. In this promising interview, one of the people charged with bringing Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” novels to the screen gives strong indications that they are strongly [Read More...]


Speaking of which… A reader writes: I’m the “Joel” whom you quoted yesterday in a new posting about Deal Hudson’s situation (“Be careful who you defend . . .”). I logged off at about 4PM yesterday and didn’t come back until this morning: at this point the new thread has 36 comments and counting. Permit [Read More...]


What I mean by “Faithful Conservative Catholic[TM]“ One of my readers (who, I suspect, speaks for a number of my readers) complains: I don’t think these “stink bombs” that Mark regularly throws out to smoke out “Radtrad” and “Conservative” catholics are directed at me, but I seem to respond anyway. Maybe they are. Maybe it’s [Read More...]


Ezekiel and the Islamosphere The bad news is: Arabs are split over the legitimacy of Iraq beheadings. The good news is: Arabs are split over the legitimacy of Iraq beheadings. What do I mean? Well, compared to nations that are not living on the cutting edge of the ninth century, the Arab world betrays its [Read More...]


Some Cheery Stories from the Prolife Front [Read more...]


When I read things like this… I am sometimes tempted to wonder whether any of the vintage 80′s “Name and Claim it” or “Positive Confession” Evangelical theology has percolated into Bush’s head. There is something strangely Panglossian or Power of Positive Thinkingish about Bush’s descriptions of Iraq, as though simply saying “victory” and “freedom” over [Read More...]


Expect more of this as homeschoolers continue to make Public School look bad Unbelievable “anti-terrorism” prep readies Oregon public school students against the Real Menace: Homeschoolers “The exercise will simulate an attack by a fictitious radical group called Wackos Against Schools and Education who believe everyone should be homeschooled. Under the scenario, a bomb is [Read More...]


Meanwhile, on the Bright Side Sherry Weddell, who has seen, first hand, more parishes around the globe than probably 99.9% of my readers, sends this helpful reminder to my reader to not buy without question the reports of the Imminent Death of the Church nor the “Everything Sucks. Let’s Sneer At it All!” attitude from [Read More...]


A reader warns me: Mark, regarding your article: be careful who you defend. You might just look like an idiot in the end, regardless of how good your intentions are. He refers, of course, to the fact that Deal Hudson has resigned at Crisis amid dark rumors (rumors which I was perfectly aware of when [Read More...]