Greeley’s already doing the autopsy on the Kerry campaign [Read more...]

A fitting epitaph for last night’s debate Despite the positive assessment [of Kerry], viewers said they favored Bush in handling the war in Iraq and serving as commander in chief, little changed from opinions expressed before the debate. And a majority of viewers said it was Bush who better demonstrated he is tough enough for [Read More...]

Pax Christi wants you to stop going on an on about all those stupid babies being dismembered! It’s so *over*! Okay? Yessirree. The Left: Committed to the Care of the Most Vulnerable. [Read more...]

The Latest on Rome and Fatima This sort of press speculation tends to not carry much weight will me. Who knows what’s really being discussed? I sure don’t. [Read more...]

Dawn Eden does the Planned Parenthood Dumpster Dive so you don’t have to [Read more...]

Biotech, the Sacred Technology of the Brights A sort of quasi-religion for atheist libertarian types, and still more proof the liberatarianism is, if consistently held, a shallow philosophy for shallow selfish people who do not think about children. [Read more...]

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NCR Waves its Hands and Shouts, “Pay No Attention to the Doctor Sticking Scissors into the back of that baby’s skull!” The *real* issue is, er, gun locks and, um, health care for, er, all. [Read more...]

How can this be? I thought Sodano was a complete idiot and the Vatican was a cadre of Euroweenie pacifists who are just feathering their nests in preparation for dhimmitude? This basically reflects my own position as well: Whatever the case about the justice of the war, it’s water under the bridge. We owe it [Read More...]

Pro-Abort Brownshirts On the March! Frances Quisling tries to crush still more free speech. [Read more...]