I have a theory… I suspect that Howard the Dean’s big lead among the Dems is like being the best opera singer in Tulsa.” More and more normal people are leaving the Dems. Only the fanatics and hard lefties are remaining. And so the most extreme liberal naturally is “the people’s choice” in a pool [Read More...]


At last! Monarchy I Can Support [Read more...]


“The father said, ‘Is this going to be a gay film?”’ recalled Dong, answering that it would be “neither gay or non-gay.” Translation: it’s a gay film. [Read more...]


French Good Guys They don’t all hate us. [Read more...]


CE picked up my piece on “Lay Catholics and Stockholm Syndrome” [Read more...]


One last thing Remember last year at the height of the Scandal when everybody was saying things like “If we ran the Church like a business, this sort of thing would never happen!” Sooner or later, somebody will convince Americans that business is not the opposite of our sexually deranged culture but one of the [Read More...]


Much to write today Argue with each other about… evolution, politics, religion, and sex. Are you for or against them? Why? Give three examples. [Read more...]


Amy’s blogged something about this Cdl. Stafford article I would simply like to point out that the answer for what the Cardinal is looking for is found in the St. Catherine of Siena Institute article “The Parish: Mission or Maintenance“. Every priest in the country needs to memorize this article, learn from the Siena Institute [Read More...]


“I have a dream my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their …. aw, what the hell. Let’s just go on judging everybody by the color of their skin. Forever and ever and ever.” [Read More...]


I would love to see it go… though I will miss the chance to hock a loogey at it whenever I pass by. Late at night it would be a pleasure to pee on it too. Though I’ve never had the opportunity. True story: I once heard some clown on Seattle radio defend the statue [Read More...]


Journalism: The Art of Announcing “Admiral Bangs is Dead!” to a Public that Never Knew Admiral Bangs had been born [Read more...]


Journalism: The Art of Announcing “Admiral Bangs is Dead!” to a Public that Never Knew Admiral Bangs had been born [Read more...]