High School Sophomore Gets Blog Hard hitting unoriginal satire! Cliches nobody has written in the past minute! Courageous mockery of conservatives as Pharisaic morons! Gutsy blasphemy delivered with the courage of chimp poking a lion carcass with a sharp stick and scampering away in terror! The Internet: Giving Idiots a Voice for over Ten Years. [Read more...]


Atkins Diet Reduces Weight of Twinkie Profits to Bankruptcy Ding Dong the Ding’s Dong’s dead! [Read more...]


The Loftcube Sterile, soulless Eurotecture for self-absorbed faux intellectual people who dislike children and wish to focus entirely on themselves, their prosperity, and their angst. [Read more...]


If you agree with me that a culture which despises virginity is a culture that hates children… …then support the United Mothers War on Pornography. [Read more...]


Edith Jones comments on the way in which the US Judiciary has created a Torah for the worship of the Goddess Abortion That’s one sin that cries out to heaven enshrined as a Pillar of the Republic. Three to go. It sure is lucky God is on our side or we’d be in trouble. [Read more...]


More hopeful signs that Radical Islam is losing hearts and minds in the Islamosphere [Read more...]


Iraqi Women try to help Americans see the country through their eyes [Read more...]


Catholic Academics vs. the Faith A courageous student at John Carrol U writes in the hope of Unleashing the Power of the Blog: Dear Faithful Catholic Groups, As a seminarian and student at John Carroll University, I feel it my moral obligation to bring to your attention the following advertisement and activity taking place at [Read More...]


I’m on the radio this morning and so won’t be blogging till later. If you want to listen, I will be on starting at about 9:05 Pacific on all of these stations. Here in Seattle, after I go off the air with Jerry Usher, I will (I think) be continuing to chat with our local [Read More...]


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