Pro-Abortion Brownshirts on the March! Catholics for Fetal Crucifixion (aka “Catholics for a Free Choice”) tries to muzzle Catholic Answers’ right of free speech. Muzzling free speech seems to be one of the favorite activities of the Left. Happily, Karl Keating is a lawyer. May God defend the right. [Read more...]

Greater Love Hath No Man Than This But, of course, what *really* matters to God is if he was enrolled at his local Catholic parish and correctly understood the fine points of ecclesiology. Otherwise, there’s no hope for him at all. [Read more...]

Dem Dilemma It’s gotta be tough when the person assuring you that there is hope is a liar. [Read more...]

Republicans, you see, wage “dirty” campaigns while Democrats, no matter what they do, wage “tough” ones. [Read more...]

Finally, it’s the Last Day of the CAEI Pledge Drive (I skipped the Sabbath) Where else can you go to discuss war, levitation, “I Love Abortion” bibs and much much more? It’s simple: This blog has become a major component of a healthy psychological, intellectual and spirit diet. Without it, you feel as though the [Read More...]

Fr. Bryce Sibley vs. The Shrieking Academics in which we discover, once again, that the medieval ideal of the Academy as a forum for the reasoned pursuit of the Truth is dead. Those interested in obtaining Fr. Sibley’s notes can go here. [Read more...]

I feel bad for hurting Dom Bettinelli’s feelings Down below, in this post, I linked to a blog by Dom Bettinelli in the course of a complaint about the Star Chamber behavior I notice in the comment boxes both on my blog and elsewhere. My fire was directed at the comment boxes, not at Dom, [Read More...]

A reader shares a profound insight During the process of investigating the Church and her claims, I became increasingly aware that it was looking like in order to honor God through Jesus Christ, I would have to become a Catholic. In a rebellious fit of resistance one night I shouted at God “I don’t want [Read More...]

Only in America could feminism morph into the struggle for a billionaire to express herself Another oppressed billionaire cries out against the unjustice of a world where the common person can criticize her. [Read more...]

Excellent Analysis of Contemporary Film and TV by Thomas Hibbs [Read more...]