Bill Cork cracks me up Just the other day, he’s defending the notion that it’s okay to dredge up a story of somebody’s sins long after they have made reparation for them and display them for the delectation of people not affected by the sin. He boldly declares: “Instead of accusing journalists falsely for undermining [Read More...]

Rome Calls for Resignation of Bishop of Fatima and Fatima Shrine Rector Guerra The interesting thing will be to see if the Doomsayers somehow manage to take this Answer to Their Prayers and turn it into another reason to complain. I hope they don’t, but experience suggests they will. [Read more...]

Why I have comment boxes and why I’m not ignoring you if I don’t write you back I got comboxes because I don’t have time to answer the correpondence I have, much less deal with every remark every reader wants to make about what I’ve written or to argue with another reader. So please don’t [Read More...]

Pro-Life Democrat Identified Environmentalist groups move to have such living fossils declared an endangered species but fear there may not be a large enough breeding population to ensure the survival of this rare and beautiful creature, now hounded to near extinction by corporate destruction of its environment. [Read more...]

More on the Papal Knighthood thingie So now I’m told that whatshisface that got the papal knighthood is a heinous pro-abort because he once voted to allow abortion in cases of rape and incest. In other words, he’d be a garden variety Republican if he were an American. And *that* is why Combox Commandos are [Read More...]

Dan Darling Provides Perspective on Iraq [Read more...]

Cultural Catholicism A reader writes from Rome: I thought you might find this interesting. Yesterday, I went to Blockbuster (yes, they have them here) and bought “The Passion”. The girl at the counter gives me a book. It is the Guide to the Passion published by Ancora books. Inside, three articles about the movie (two [Read More...]

Mark Windsor replies Thanks to everyone for the comments about the closing of Vociferous Yawpings. I’d like to point out that there is a certain “last straw” effect going on here. The Combox Commandos, their dedication to their chosen profession, and their zeal to spill cyber-ink all over the blogosphere, were indeed that final straw. [Read More...]

More on the Faux Liberalism of ALA’s Banned Books Week Another reader sez: I too think it is hogwash. As I browsed their website I clicked on their Book Burning in the 21st Century section. The ALA lists the activity of several mostly Christian groups that have burned Harry Potter books, slashed homosexual books, and [Read More...]

Outsourcing Torture Frustrated by the complete lock which the Evil Party has on the Culture of Death vote, the Stupid Party has finally found a way it can appeal to that part of the electorate which wants to do the work of Satan. A reader writes: Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert has introduced a [Read More...]