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You meet the nicest people on a blog Just got back from breakfast with Rich Leonardi, one of my regular readers, who is out here in God’s country doing data crunchy things for his job. Lovely man. Got to wander around the waterfront and give him the quickie tour of the Pike Place Market. Thanks [Read More...]

Americans… You can tell we care about the sanctity of life by the way we put people to death. If that’s not love for life, what is? Similarly, you can tell we care about protecting our kids from sexually debauched clergy by the way we make Madonna and Britney Spears household names and dress our [Read More...]

Uh Huh There will be workshops on psychic phenomena and new technologies for investigating them, said Dutch Jackson, co-founder of Freelance Supernatural Investigations in Tacoma. Getcher “Ectoplasm 3000 Ghost-Spotting Sooper Scope” right here, folks! It really really works! [Read more...]

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Catholic University Administrators Perform Self-Castration At least Origen did it for the love of God. At least Richard Rich did it for the beautiful land of Wales. These guys do it for federal funding and more cubicle space. [Read more...]

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In contrast to the revolting school of Country Club Social Engineering… here is a piece on why we need the needy. Guaranteed to drive anti-bleeding heart Freepers mad. [Read more...]