Austrian Emperor Karl I to be beatified Lotsa yelling. Me: I don’t know much about the guy. Nor, I’ll wager, do many people outside Austria. I’ll leave it to those guys to fight it out. [Read more...]

Where Does John Kerry Stand on Terri Schiavo? I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that Kerry is not particularly interested in keeping the Little People alive when they are of no use. The Dem party’s devotion to the Sacrament of Abortion is attached, by unbreakable cords, to the rest of [Read More...]

A reader writes Well, Jeremy Lott may have misrepresented your thoughts on the Deal Hudson deal (since when are you a “traditionalist”? I wondered…) But he has some good thoughts on a self-rightous column from the Vancouver Sun about how much more enlightened Canadians are when it comes to faith and politics (and “science”) Jeremy’s [Read More...]

When Anti-Christ Comes, This is the Way in Which He Will Tag the Sheep for Later Slaughter What? Are you expecting him to be Darth Vader with a big “I Am Evil” sign around his neck? He’ll be Mr. Style and the stylish will pant with excitment just to be thought cool enough to be [Read More...]

A reader writes While I sympathize with Mark Windsor, I’d like to discourage other members of St. Blog’s from likewise leaving the building. Instead, I’d like to point to Flannery O’Connor’s sentiment about pushing back ashard as you’re being pushed. If no one pushes back, we all fallover. While pushing back can be done outside [Read More...]

The English Translation of JPII’s New Book is Out HMS blog has the scoop. Yesterday was the anniversary of his ordination as bishop (1958). So now you know. [Read more...]

The Five Issues that Matter Most: Catholics and the Upcoming Election The Five Issues That Matter Most was written to help Catholics understand the five key questions facing our world at this watershed moment in history. Building on the excellent work of Catholic Answers’ Voters Guide for Serious Catholics, Catholic Outreach has created this new [Read More...]

Frank Ponders Equality I’m not so sure I agree with him about the list of things he says we have no choice over. People choose to be stupid everyday, for instance. And I remain unpersuaded that homosexuality is *always* something which involves no component of choice (the phrase “Gay until Graduation”) belies this trope in [Read More...]

Against the Grain In which I attempt to explain why Catholic teaching is so irritating. [Read more...]

Flummoxed by Haloscan Everybody else’s Haloscan works fine. Only mine doesn’t. I’ve tried repeatedly to get it to work. I copied the code from the Haloscan site and deactivated the old code. Nothing. Everytime I activate it, my site slows to a crawl and when it finally loads, the comments aren’t there. I’d hoped that [Read More...]