Noah, Call your office According to Nature (a real science journal, not some Scientific Creationism rag), we’re all descended from one person in East Asia who lived roughly 1500 BC. This raises more questions than it answers for me. I though Mitochondrial Eve lived 200,000 years ago in Africa. I thought Abraham, from whom the [Read More...]

Who knew there were so many Modern Major General parodies? My readers send along the following pair, First Daniel Lanterman, on of my Protestant readers sends this: Scene: a horde of heretics have descended on a cloud of converts, and are halted only by the approach of…well, you’ll just have to imagine the musical background [Read More...]

Jcecil writes, in part, about the papal knighthood flap: [C]omparing Hunte to Bush is not accurate. Bush is not 100 percent consistent on the abortion issue, but he would limit the harm of legal abortion by confining already legal abortions to rape and incest. Hunte expanded abortion “rights” where they did not exist, and therefore [Read More...]

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Someday the Church’s teaching will be condemned for condemning what some of the Church’s bishops are now (rightly) condemned for having permitted and covered up. Dawn Eden find the amazing assertion from Planned Parenthood that those “who uniformly condemn, on so-called “moral” grounds, all adolescent sexual [Read More...]

All my friends have forsaken me, and mine enemies have prevailed against me ; he whom I loved hath betrayed me : * Mine enemy sharpeneth his eyes upon me in fury ; he breaketh me with breach upon breach : and in my thirst doth give me vinegar to drink. – Good Friday Antiphon [Read More...]

On this Feast of St. Jerome… I offer Phyllis McGinley’s tribute to the man who gives me greater hope of heaven than any other name in the roll. If *he* can make it, there’s hope for me. THE THUNDERER God’s angry man, His crotchety scholar Was Saint Jerome, The great name-caller Who cared not a [Read More...]

Krenn Resigns What was the holdup? There are three things I do not understand, four that are too wonderful for me: the way of a ship on the sea, the way of a bird in the air, the way of a snake on a rock, and the way of a curial bureaucrat through the channels [Read More...]

First Agenda Item: Terri Schiavo “I’d like to go over that ‘Defender of the Alien, Orphan, and Widow’ part of the Bible.” [Read more...]

The Shrine of the Holy Whapping has just won my undying respect For this: I am the Very Model of a Modern Vicar-General from the Penzance Codex of St. Gilbertus of Sullivan translated by Matthew of the Holy Whapping and Lauren of Cnytr (revised ed.) I am the very model of a modern vicar-general, I’ve [Read More...]

Bill Cork cracks me up Just the other day, he’s defending the notion that it’s okay to dredge up a story of somebody’s sins long after they have made reparation for them and display them for the delectation of people not affected by the sin. He boldly declares: “Instead of accusing journalists falsely for undermining [Read More...]