The Devil’s Modus Operandi The Detroit Free Press deliberately distorts Cdl. Ratzinger’s words and then clucks its tongue about the confusion it labored to create. [Read more...]

I have the most interesting readers! Glad to help since I found you. Great work. Wonderfully informative and timely articles. Wish it could have been more but am myself on disability after my 2nd double bypass — some of us are lucky — in as many years. Wonderful experience, really, because I had a “white [Read More...]

More from the “Show Me a Culture that Despises Virginity…” File A reader writes: Tonight on the popular *Daily Show* with John Stewart on Comedy Central. Stewart and Gwenyth Paltrow were discussing their newborn children. Stewart to Paltrow: “I bet my kid would love to b*ng yours.” [Big laugh] [Read more...]

Election Ecumenical Jihad and Voting Principles for Restoring Our Society A defense of Catholic Answers from cubicled bureaucrats. It turns out laypeople are allowed to speak about political matters, so long as their opinions do not contradict Catholic faith and morals. Amazingly, that even goes for conservatives and not just Loyola honorees. [Read more...]

The Triumph of Political Pornography in the Land of Oz [Read more...]

Thanks to Southern Appeal (for the image) and Vociferous Yawpings (for the [slightly edited] quote) The veiling shadow that glowers in the East takes shape. Rather will suffer no rival. From the summit of Barad-dur his eye watches ceaselessly. But he is not so mighty yet that he is above fear. Doubt ever gnaws at [Read More...]

Rosary Army For all your Rosary needs. [Read more...]

The Industrious Matthew Mehan… of Piraeus blog has a piece in today’s NRO. [Read more...]

Jesuits, Again Lisa Madigan, Pro-Abortion Heroine and (of course) Loyola Honoree [Read more...]

Gay Activist Takes Time out From Brownshirt Activities to Pretend to Care About Democracy Gay activist Sciortino was in the news last year when he and his “partner” disrupted a Catholic Mass at the Cathedral of Holy Cross in protest of the Church’s stand against homosexual marriage. [Read more...]