With Thomas “Windshield” O’Brien, Thomas Daily, Rembert Weakland, and Cdl. Law out of the running… the competition is getting more intense for the “Worst Still-Serving Bishop” Award. Bp. Adamec may be pulling into the lead. But there is still the inimitable John McCormack of New Hampshire, who just didn’t notice anything odd about Paul Shanley [Read More...]


JRR TOLKIEN – LORD OF THE RINGS CONFERENCE with JOSEPH PEARCE SEATTLE UNIVERSITY – PIGOTT AUDITORIUM Saturday, October 4, 2003 – All day 9:00 AM Registration Students: $15.00 Adults: $20.00 info: (425) 743-8821 Think I’ll go. I had dinner with Joe when I was in Michigan a while back. Lovely man. [Read more...]


John Gibson is a Disturbed Person [Read more...]


Genetically Modified Food Fight Rome recently said, “Sounds fine to us.” Green Kiwis are upset by this. Some people think the Church has no business involving itself in such matters. I think the Church *must* involve itself in such questions. Certainly the questions of “How do we feed starving people?” vs. “What are our responsibilities [Read More...]


There are still oodles of good priests [Read more...]


Release Horse. Close Barn Door. [Read more...]


More about kneeling at communion than you ever wanted to know [Read more...]


The Spectator is Off Its Meds However, this quote, if real, shows how ripe some people are for the rule of Antichrist: The former Belgian prime minister Paul-Henri Spaak once made a plea for ‘a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all people’ and added, ‘Be he God or the Devil we [Read More...]


A murderous Bronze Age Fanatic? Heck yeah. But possessed of a visceral drop dead authenticity that’s capable of seeing the *good* in the people he butchers. [Read more...]


Welcome NRO Folk! I’m honored to see Mark-Shea.com is NRO’s “Cool Site of the Day”. Boy, if those chicks in high school who wouldn’t go out with me could see me now. Browse away. Be enriched and renewed by my ASCII. Buy all my stuff. I love you long time, GI Joe. [Read more...]


A Colorful Evangelical’s Pithy Sayings Preserved by His Students Click on the quotes link. I love profs like this. [Read more...]


The Great Enema Continues [Read more...]