People who live in glass houses A Lutheran reader who is eager to limit salvation as much as possible writes: John Spong was validly baptized into a Church that professes (at least on paper) the Creeds. Are Catholics obligiated to recognize him as a “separated brother”? As a matter of fact, yes. That does not [Read More...]

One Place I Agree with Kerry The idea that a world with 30,000 nuclear warheads needs *more* nuclear warheads is crazy beyond all words. We are the undisputed superpower in the world. We have the capacity to annihilate the world many times over already. We *really* don’t need to beef up that capacity. Bush is [Read More...]

Reality Biting US Policy in Iraq Y’see, Rome wasn’t just farting around when it said that “Whoever decides that all peaceful means of international law have been exhausted assumes a grave responsibility before God, before his own conscience, and before history.” We don’t just get the credit if (by some very unlikely chance) this ends [Read More...]

Instant Classic [Read more...]

Discussion over at Amy’s about Diogenes’ gripes at the Pope There have been noted in the Catholic blogosphere in recent years one or two complaints that the Pope is not firing bishops (perhaps you noticed this). So now–finally–the Holy Father gives the blogosphere what it wants. He yanked the embarrassing and incompetent Bp. Krenn from [Read More...]

Episcopal Spine Alert! [Read more...]

Thomas Sparks: Not Your Typical Traditionalist Catholic I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore. [Read more...]

Why O Why Would People Suppose that Dems Hold Christianity in Contempt? It will be a cold day in hell before we see a “Prophet Clinton” website sneering at Muslim pieties. Oh, they also offer this bit of “transgressive art”. That’s postmodern irony, you stupid Neanderthal prolifer. [Read more...]

I have been saying this… …for years! Still, not all is well: “Majority of both favour embryo research” Update: *D’oh!* I misread the piece to mean that both liberals and conservatives favored embryo research. I was wrong. They meant a majority of both Protestants and Catholics favor it. Mea culpa. [Read more...]

Now the SSPX will be really really *really* pure As our Lord said, “Blessed are the fit, for they shall survive.” [Read more...]