The beheadings are horrible, but what worries me most is the DVD sales. [Read more...]

Ceili Rain (fronted by my friend Bob Halligan, Jr.) gets a nice write up in Billboard Billboard Picks – Album Picks September 25, 2004, Change in Your Pocket Ceili Rain creates music that is thought-provoking and smile-inducing. The talented sextet has built a rabid following by touring the world, from Rome to Syracuse, N.Y. This [Read More...]

Al-Reutera: As a matter of fact, we are cowards and we do skew our reportage to appease Foaming Bronze Age Fanatics Old Media continues to feel the impact of New Media’s Power of the Fisk. [Read more...]

The Martyrdom of Andrew Greeley I’d take him more seriously if he had the courage to challenge his friends as well as his enemies. A Chicago Yellow Dog Democrat courageously tells his Yellow Dog Democrat friends he opposes the war. Quelle courage! Let’s see a serious column telling the Dems to break their slavish devotion [Read More...]

Greg Popcak is Asking Youse Guys for a Favor I need to ask you a favor, and I hope you don’t mind. I am developing a psychometric survey to assess Catholic Lived Religion. Essentially, “Lived Religion” is defined in the psychology of religion literature as the “daily life and spirituality of religious people.” In particular, [Read More...]

You learn the most interesting things when a Kerry Supporter expounds on Catholic teaching Feddie wonders if the Church actually teaches that “Anyone who makes fun of someone with a Purple Heart is committing a mortal sin.” Feddie, I checked on this. This dogma of the Faith was solemnly defined in the encyclical Ullfay of [Read More...]

Speaking of which… A reader writes: Catholics in the Public Square needs donations ASAP. They are trying to get the Catholic Answers Voter’s Guide out in the swing-state of Michigan. This election is crucial. We need all faithful Catholics to vote and support groups that stand for truth. Please make a donation today to Catholics [Read More...]

Some of my readers may remember Ono Ekeh Still shilling for the Evil Party and shouting “Look! It’s Halley’s Comet!” when the Party’s devotion to the Sacrament of Abortion comes up. Clues to the clueless: To say, “You cannot support abortion” is not to say “You must vote for Bush.” [Read more...]

Heh Heh Heh Nice interview with my pal Jimmy Akin re: Frances Quisling’s attempt to muzzle Catholic Answers with legal brownshirt tactics. I just love it when the good guys have it their way while evil people stamp their tiny feet in impotent frustration. To follow this seminal moment in American Catholic political history, follow [Read More...]

I’m pleasantly surprised by this Gibson seems not to be a pariah in Tinseltown after all. [Read more...]