Jonah Goldberg has Excellent Opinions They exactly coincide with my own. [Read more...]

David Alexander Muses on the Usual Rumblings at St. Blog’s [Read more...]

It Didn’t Go Out With Vatican II Some readers are startled by the ancient Catholic teaching that while, on the one hand, there is no salvation outside the Church, on the other hand, we don’t know where “outside” is and it is therefore not our place to judge others. The ancient formulation of the Church [Read More...]

The Ambiguities of Grace Slate puzzles about the remarks of some of Bush’s more zealous religious supporters, who are sometimes given to rhetoric that veers dangerously close to anointing Bush a political Messiah rather than recognizing that there’s a providential divinity that shapes our ends but that the way of the Lord are altogether mysterious [Read More...]

3 Trillion Dollars I wonder what Bush supporters would say if Clinton had racked this up. [Read more...]

This, being translated, means “Hillary ’08!” Maybe she’ll have Oprah as her running mate. Speculations on other running mates are welcome below. [Read more...]

In other news, Harold Stassen acknowledges he may have lost his bid for the Presidency [Read more...]

David Morrison’s Evil Influence Continues to Spread Charity, mercy, eating with tax collectors and sinners: where will it end? Don’t people realize the purpose of the Church’s teaching is to give us well defined parameters about who is saved and who is damned so we can keep away from the Impure? [Read more...]

Attn Canadian Readers Help support Catholic radio in Canada. It’s a rare opportunity to resist the Soft Totalitarians taking over your cultural discourse. As you may know, CHRI 99.1 FM in Ottawa strongly supports the pro-life message. We proclaim it at every opportunity, especially when there are pro-life events we can promote (and we do [Read More...]

The Rumors of the Death of Old Media Have Been Greatly Exaggerated The delight that Rathergate inspires in our hearts should not lead to drunken euphoria. Old Media isn’t going anywhere (though I think Rather will be). Instead, Old Media is either going to have to clean up its sloppy, haughty, “Le Vrai, c’est moi!” [Read More...]