Christopher Hitchens Inadvertently Proves that Sin Makes You Stupid Watching a brilliant mind like his reduced to high school sophomore filosufee like “If God made us in his image, then how do you explain bad people? Huh? Huh? How do you explain that? Hah!” is painful to watch. Gee. Never noticed that people sin before. [Read More...]

Technogeek question What’s an RSS feed and how do I get one for this blog? [Read more...]

FLA bishops’ statement on Terri Schiavo Jeb Bush Gets off the Dime too Finally, some movement from the most visible Catholics in Florida. Memo to the bishops and the Gov: “The Church thinks in centuries” is a nice sentiment when you have centuries in which to act. Prudence is the virtue of seeing what needs [Read More...]

What it’s like to be Catholic some days Just replace “Protestant” with “Catholic” and you’ve read a lot of my mail over the years. I am just worried sick about those poor Protestant idol worshippers. Why, just today I read where a Protestant let slip the Awful Truth about what they really believe: they worship [Read More...]

“It’s the fastest growing religion in America!” Adherents of Wicca and other childish fashions tout their wares with this bit of ledgerdemain. What it means is “We had ten suburban dilettantes in our coven last year and this year we have 20.” A 100% growth rate! Meanwhile, Catholic faith pokes along with a mere 200,000 [Read More...]

From our “Lawrence Welk Plays the Beatles” files Liberal talk radio network still forging ahead Remember all that talk a few months back of a liberal radio network? The latest word is that it will launch in January, just in time to cover the Democratic presidential primaries. Sheldon and Anita Drobny, the Chicago venture capitalists [Read More...]

JPII’s Theology of the Body Spawns More Sick and Degenerate Literature From a Noted Monarchist! [Read more...]

“It reinforces the notion that these guys always win,” he said. “I worry that will make it harder for some victims report their abuse.” Those are the words of David Clohessy of SNAP regarding the death–the death–of John Geoghan. Apparently, because of some stupid technicality, Geoghan’s conviction could be voided because he can’t present for [Read More...]

One of the Soviet of Washington’s Many Colorful Residents I think he’s bucking for Folk Hero. Still doesn’t hold a candle to the Rainier Shoe Bandit though. [Read more...]

I have a theory… I suspect that Howard the Dean’s big lead among the Dems is like being the best opera singer in Tulsa.” More and more normal people are leaving the Dems. Only the fanatics and hard lefties are remaining. And so the most extreme liberal naturally is “the people’s choice” in a pool [Read More...]

At last! Monarchy I Can Support [Read more...]

“The father said, ‘Is this going to be a gay film?”’ recalled Dong, answering that it would be “neither gay or non-gay.” Translation: it’s a gay film. [Read more...]