Voice of the Fuddled Jim Muller explains how they are completely faithful, except that they want to destroy the heirarchical nature of the Church as Christ established it. Well-meaning people for the most part, I think. They just don’t know what they are talking about. [Read more...]


What a puzzle! Who can explain this complete contradiction? Golly! I’m baffled! Of all the seeming contradictions about Arnold Schwarzenegger, now a candidate for California governor, none stands out more than his views on women and family. In the movie “Total Recall,” Schwarzenegger puts a bullet through the head of his on-screen wife, who is [Read More...]


“We’re doing it again. Acting like Californians – trying to throw out a governor we just elected so we can replace him with an action hero? A skin-magazine publisher? A former child actor?” Speaking as a citizen two states removed from the asylum, I would just like to express my delight and gratitude to the [Read More...]


Secret Agent Man on Cheese-Eating Integrist Monkeys Our Man in the Midwest offers his customary dose of lucidity. [Read more...]


As usual, Krauthammer makes sense And here’s a little sidelight which shows the weird way in which Western secular elites continue to focus their bigotry on Christians and turn a blind eye to Radical Islam, even after (or perhaps I should say *especially* after) 9/11. In their own way, they are like people faced with [Read More...]


Uh, yeah, right. Sure. The Gay Agitprop Brigade is starting to crack me up. We’ve already been informed that homosex is a sacrament and that it’s patriotic. What further encomiums are there? Well, it turns out that gay people are the pinnacle of evolution too! [Read more...]


A reader asks Any chance you might want to start a quick discussion on the topic. Our next baby is due in two weeks and there is a chance that the insurance company won’t cover the procedure. If it was covered – I say hey no problem, time for a trim. If I have to [Read More...]


Chesterton the Prophet In St. Thomas Aquinas: The Dumb Ox (the finest book on St. Thomas ever written, which you really should read if you want to be educated) Chesterton notes that false teaching tends to identify purity with sterility, while the Catholic worldview identifies purity with fruitfulness. Voila! “True, same-sex partners are not able [Read More...]


The Dark Side of Ahnuld It’s entertaining that he’s running and all, but he’s bad news. Another “Just enough of us rich white guys, way too many of you poor dark people” elitist. [Read more...]


Just FYI The ultra-Arcanist Sandra Miesel writes Quite a while ago we were debating on your blog about the proper way to render “Lidless Eye of Sauron” in Latin. I got hold of a friend who is very expert at the language–a writer who translates Silver Age poetry for fun and he agreed with me [Read More...]


Lidless Eyes Read My Blog This story shows up on Novus Ordo Watch and at almost the same time I get this bogus note in my comments (don’t forget to scroll down and read Rosemarie’s fisk of the note. It’s not certain that the same people are behind both things, but my guess is that [Read More...]


D’ja know Abe Lincoln helped out Catholics? [Read more...]