I’m on the radio this morning and so won’t be blogging till later. If you want to listen, I will be on starting at about 9:05 Pacific on all of these stations. Here in Seattle, after I go off the air with Jerry Usher, I will (I think) be continuing to chat with our local [Read More...]


The Reporter’s Contemptible Hit Piece My latest on Catholic Exchange. [Read more...]


“Islam… Islam… Islam” Another Muslim searches his soul. It is only repentance within Islam that will ultimately put an end to the menace of Radical Islam. [Read more...]


Finally, in the words of Wayne Newton… Danke Schoen to all who contributed to this quarter’s Pledge Drive. My family and I deeply appreciate all who gave! May God bless you and yours! [Read more...]


Islam Denounces Terrorism Yet another hope sign of counter-insurgency within Islam. More like this please. [Read more...]


Mark Steyn Slices and Dices the Great Man From Massachusetts But Senator Kerry was made for the role, a vain thin-skinned droning blueblood with an indestructible sense of his own status but none at all of his own ridiculousness. If Karl Rove had labored for a decade to produce a walking parody of the contemporary [Read More...]


John Farrell is a Prophet Unfortunately. [Read more...]


Christian bodice rippers Baptized romance novels. [Read more...]


The Ray of Hope for the Netherlands is that the Dutch are actually admitting promiscuity is barren and soulless The note of gloom for the rest of us is that this story is in the “Oddly Enough” section of Yahoo news, as though 2+2=4 is a weird notion that no normal person would believe. [Read more...]


A reader writes Here is an idea I sent to K-Lo at NRO and thought you might find it interesting to consider.. Dear K-Lo, From one pro-life, conservative Catholic and a Republican to another I’ve had a neat idea (I know, like a gazillion other people) on how the President easily could box Sen. Kerry [Read More...]